Titanic Tragedy by Vincent McDonnell

Titanic Tragedy

Written by Vincent McDonnell
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Titanic Tragedy by Vincent McDonnell

Since it sank on a cold April night in 1912 the Titanic has held a special mystery and fascination. It is unlikely our infatuation with the ship will ever fade. If anything, its allure will grow with time. It is the world's most famous sea tragedy, in which over 1,500 lives were lost. So famous, in fact, that master watchmakers Romain Jerome will create 2,012 limited edition watches from 1.5kg of steel and coal verified by Harland & Wolff to be from the Titanic herself. Price tags of between A5,700 and A128,000 prove that the myth of Titanic is worth any price. Why was the ship built and what were the dreams of those who built her? The story traces the voyage from Europe, the collision with the iceberg, and the sinking - focusing on the heroism, bravery or cowardice of both passengers and crew. The rescue efforts and aftermath of the tragedy, and the finding of the wreck in the 1980s, are also included. The book paints a picture of society at the time, showing the differences in the various classes on board the ship and it demonstrates how the sinking of the Titanic taught people the importance of treating others as equals.


'Thoughtfully collected and put together in a style that children will find easily accessible Evening Echo 'Conveys a good deal of background period detail of the sort that would interest a child, and without any air of condescension'

'Wonderful book'

'Text and writing style is just right for the age group'

'A wealth of interesting nuggets of information'

'Told with escalating drama that, in spite of the well-known tragic end, is a nail-biting read [...] a fascinating read for adults too'

'A gripping read'

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About the Author

Vincent McDonnell is from County Mayo and now lives near Newmarket, County Cork. In 1989 he won the GPA First Fiction Award, after being recommended by Graham Greene, and has published seven novels for children. Many of his short stories have been published and he has won numerous prizes. He has been writer in residence at a variety of locations and has given workshops and readings all over Ireland.

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160 pages
Interest Age: 7-12


Vincent McDonnell
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The Collins Press

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30th April 2007



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