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MinaLima is a highly-regarded graphic design studio based in London. Unique and imaginative in their style, the studio is renowned as the graphic design team behind one of the largest film franchises of all time, Harry Potter, which has garnered them worldwide attention and praise.

MinaLima: “Our work in film is to design graphic ‘props’ which help tell the story with visual prompts. We set ourselves a challenge to bring the same idea to the world of books, not only to populate the stories with these removable pieces but also to make the book itself feel as though it has come from the very world described in the story. We want the reader to feel drawn into this fiction through the physical book as well as the through the writing. This concept is all the more meaningful at a time when digital books are challenging the status of physical ones.”

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The Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling - illustrated by MinaLima
Oh my, what an absolute treasure this is. Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book was first published in 1894 and now, over 120 years later, it's still capturing imaginations. This collectable, clothbound edition is not only complete and unabridged but has...
Lovereading Price: £16.00 - Saving £4.00 (20%) Featured in: 11+ readers | 13+ readers | 9+ readers | YA readers
Format: Hardback | Released 07/04/2016
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