Reader Reviewed Baker's Magic by Diane Zahler

Baker's Magic

Written by Diane Zahler
Illustrated by Mina Price

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The Lovereading4Kids comment

Everyone, but especially those disposed to believe that there is magic to soothe and inspire in a well-baked pastry, will relish this delicious fantasy adventure. Orphan Bee is lucky to be taken in by a master baker when she runs away from her cruel foster parents. She has a talent for baking and is soon making delicious tarts and, her master’s speciality, buns. There’s magic in her buns too, and that takes her to the palace, a new friendship with the princess, and then on a daring quest to overthrow the wicked wizard ruling the kingdom. Diane Zahler has concocted a terrific adventure, stuffed with great characters and exciting scenes, and topped with a sprinkling of fairy-tale magic. Readers will gobble it up! ~ Andrea Reece

For more tales of magic, quests and camaraderie, try Diana Wynne Jones – Sophie of Howl’s Moving Castle can weave magic into her hats as Bee does into her cakes – and Jenny Nimmo’s Charlie Bone series.

Reader Reviews

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  • Rachel George - 'I really enjoyed this book. It was funny in parts.  READ IT!!'
  • Matthew George, age 7 - 'Baker's Magic is a strange exciting book about an orphan who runs away to a town where she finds she can bake her feelings into cakes. It was fabulous.'
  • Ellen Cox, age 9 - 'This book is heartwarming and exciting!'
  • Miyah Smith, age 10 - 'With a dash of humour and a good helping of excitement, Baker’s Magic has all the right ingredients for an amazing fairy tale.'
  • Edward Bailey, age 11 - 'A cracking read! Hope there is another installment!'
  • Holly Wilkins, age 12 - 'Baking, trees and magic...If you like intriguing mysteries and a little bit of humour then you will love this book.'
  • Alec Del Pino, age 8 - 'I found this book thoughtful, surprising and creative.'
  • Isaac East, age 9 - '10 out of 10 for Bakers Magic! this is by far the best book sent by Lovereading4kids. This book has an amazing plot of a girl who can put feelings into tarts, cookies and cakes.'
  • Sam Harper, age 11 - 'A fantastically magical adventure full of excitement and unexpected twists and turns.'
  • Richie Upchurch, age 9 - 'This is a great adventure story. An orphan, Bee, is rescued by Master Bouts the baker, and they bake magical buns to save the town from an evil mage. There’s also a recipe and Bouts Buns are YUMMY!'
  • Miranda Beinart-Smith, age 9 - 'This book is full of magic and spells and my favourite one is how Bee can bake her own feelings into her pastries! She can make cakes that make you happy, angry, sad or anything!'
  • Alexander Bisland, age 10 - 'I really like this book and I especially like the recipe it gives you at the end. I recommend this book to 9+ adventurous readers. I give it 6/6 stars.'
  • Oliver Thorpe, age 9 - 'I loved this book. Bee is an orphan girl who uses her magic to defeat evil and save those that she loves, all in a magical kingdom.'
  • Ross Stokes - 'A nice mix of Fantasy and Adventure, a compelling read. I can't wait for Bee’s next adventure!'
  • Lavinia Motoc - 'I really enjoyed the book, it is going right past second best! I would recommend it to everybody and everyone!!! It is that good!'


Baker's Magic by Diane Zahler

Fantasy, magic and baking combine to create the perfect adventure story of a strong, courageous and independent orphan baker whose dream is to find a family of her own.

Bee is an orphan, alone in a poor, crumbling kingdom. In desperation, she steals a bun from a bakery. To Bee's surprise, the baker offers her a place at his shop. As she learns to bake, Bee discovers that she has a magical power. When a new friend desperately needs her help against an evil mage, Bee wonders what a small orphan girl with only a small bit of magic can do. Bee's journey to help her friend becomes a journey to save the kingdom, and a discovery of the meaning of family.

About the Author

Diane Zahler is the author of four middle-grade fairy-tale retellings: The Thirteenth Princess, A True Princess, Princess of the Wild Swans, and Sleeping Beauty's Daughters. She has also written two nonfiction books for older readers, The Black Death and Than Shwe's Burma, and a nearly infinite quantity of textbook materials for elementary and high school students. She's made her home in Seattle, Morgantown, Ithaca, Solana Beach, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Belgium, but now lives with her husband and dog in an old farmhouse in the Hudson Valley. She really likes baking - and eating what she bakes. Mina Price is an American illustrator and designer. She has a particular affinity for character design and lifestyle illustration, or basically any project that allows her to draw interesting people in cool outfits. She enjoys finding ways to seamlessly marry traditional and digital art, going from scanner to Photoshop to printer to paint and back again. Mina graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration. Now she is a freelance illustrator and designer who does everything from editorial to publishing work and all that's in between. She's done work with The Boston Globe, OC Weekly, Muzzy Lane Software, St. Martin's Press, The Dallas Observer, and Sourcebooks. When she is not drawing, Mina can frequently be found baking things with lots of sugar or getting way too emotional over a good book.

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