Dawn of the Demontide (Witchfinder series) by William Hussey

Dawn of the Demontide (Witchfinder series)

Written by William Hussey

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The Lovereading4Kids comment

Cleverly crafted, this is a masterful horror story that will chill readers to the bone as Jake Harker comes face to face with the evil forces of old witchcraft and its links to Matthew Hopkins, the evil Witchfinder of the sixteenth century. It seems that Jake alone must stand firm against the dark forces of the Demontide but he may not have the power to keep it at bay.

A 'piece of passion' from the editor of Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide:

Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide was my first acquisition for the Oxford University Press children's list and from the first page I was hooked. I knew that I had to be the one to bring this book to the world — even if it meant dabbling in the dark art of breakneck speed publishing ! Luckily the author William Hussey and the team at OUP were up for a bit of ‘Are we crazy - can we really publish a book this quickly?’ and although we only acquired the book in July 2009, Dawn of the Demontide will be in the shops from March 4th – at least a year ahead of a ‘normal’ schedule.

So why the crazy rush? Well, I’d urge you to read it and find out for yourselves. With its mix of magic and science, horror and beautiful writing, it is quite unlike anything I’ve ever read and I envy you your first foray into the world of Witchfinder...

Jasmine Richards, Senior Commissioning Editor, Oxford Children’s Books


Dawn of the Demontide (Witchfinder series) by William Hussey

The first in a terrifying trilogy. Read on if you dare:

"Jake could now see the demon fully. Its body was a mass of steely sinew, its arms roped with muscle. Six fingers sprouted from its hands, each ending in lethal talons. The thing did not possess a nose; instead a large hole, bubbling with green mucus, occupied the middle of its face. Mr Pinch's tongue flickered between his teeth and slurped across his fat lips. He was hungry."

When a violent storm rages around the little village of Hobarron's Hollow, a young boy is sacrificed 'for the greater good'. His blood is used to seal a mystical doorway and prevent an apocalyptic disaster known only as the Demontide. Twenty-five years later, another boy, Jake Harker, is about to be drawn into the nightmare of the Demontide. Witches and their demon familiars stalk his every move and his dreams are plagued by visions of a 17th Century figure known only as the Witchfinder. When his father is abducted, Jake must face the terrible secrets kept by those closest to him and a shocking truth that will change his life forever ...

We have three great Dawn of the Demontide videos for you to watch:

A special trailer -

Author William Hussey reading from the book

An interview with William Hussey, talking to Damian Kelleher


[Praise for Witchfinder: Dawn of Demontide]: I felt at home in this scary world; I wish I'd written this book myself! Joseph Delaney, author of the bestselling Spook's Apprentice A series to savour. William Hussey [has] a master's eye for the minutiae of fear: the quickened pulse, the hairs

-in moments of purest terror - that time seems to slow to a stop. Sam Enthoven, author of Crawlers and The Black Tattoo William Hussey's Witchfinder trilogy is ... A full-throated horror tale that doesn't shrink from confronting mortality head on ... This ever-present shadow of death brings a quickening sense of terror SFX Absolutely brilliant! It's dark, it's edgy, and it's dangerous. Amazon reviewer Cleverly crafted, this is a masterful horror story that will chill readers to the bone. Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids.co.uk Every 10 years or so comes a book that leaves all rivals in its wake ... and Witchfinder is The One ... The closest thing you'll find to horror heaven. Lancashire Evening Post Exciting, intelligent and fast-paced, horror and fantasy collide in the best possible way. A great beginning, which leaves me wanting more. Amazon Vine reviewer

About the Author

William Hussey

Contrary to popular myth, William Hussey was born on Planet Earth – more precisely in the London Borough of Hounslow. He spent the first year of his life roaming around the country with a travelling fairground, though his memories of this time are vague. The Hussey family has been touring with fairgrounds and circuses for centuries and, in the 1800s, William’s great-grandfather had the honour of meeting the legendary Elephant Man !

When William was one, his family settled in the seaside town of Skegness. They again found work with the local fairground and William spent his early years helping his uncle who owned the town’s scariest ghost train.

From the age of eight, William lived in a house his dad had built next to an old churchyard. For the next eight years the family was disturbed by a ghostly presence – a little old lady in black, her face criss-crossed with deep lines, who used to walk the corridors at night ! William saw her on only two occasions but he often heard her footsteps passing his window. He hears them still… in his dreams…

During the summer holidays, while William’s parents worked fifteen-hour days, he was entrusted to the care of his grandfathers. They would take him on long walks through the countryside and would make up stories to order: tales full of werewolves, vampires and ghouls ! His grandfathers also gave him his love of books – especially tales of mystery and imagination, like the Sherlock Holmes stories.

After studying English, Psychology and Law at college and university, William became a lawyer, but found the world of judges and barristers far too boring. He wrote a couple of books for grown-ups before being inspired by his little nephew Johnny to write one for kids. He had so much fun writing this book – Witchfinder – that he wants to write many, many more !

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William Hussey
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4th March 2010




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