Stuart The Bug Eating Man by Calvin Innes

Stuart The Bug Eating Man

Written by Calvin Innes
Illustrated by Calvin Innes

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Even though Stuart's talent is a strange (and gross) one, he uses it to his advantage, works hard and becomes very successful. The book is filled with humorous and disgusting illustrations, lots of strange and funny bugs and has as many laugh out loud moments as it does 'eeew!' moments. It's also a book that shows children that they should make the most of their talents, whatever they may be.


Stuart The Bug Eating Man by Calvin Innes

Stuart The Bug Eating Man is about a man with an unusual taste for all things creepy and crawly. He likes nothing better than munching on a centipede sandwich or guzzling down a tall frosty glass of liquidized slug. The more wriggly, the more crawly and the more slimy the better. To Stuart a bug is like a fine juicy steak, or the stickiest, tastiest piece of chocolate cake. Unfortunately Stuart's family don't share his taste in snacks. A silly, disgusting and humorous poem about a man who eats insects, much to the disgust of his wife and family. He decides to use his unique 'talent' for munching bugs to his advantage and becomes a pest control man...the BEST pest control man in fact! Eventually his talent makes him and his family very rich and leads on to him being successful and happy.

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Brighton Argus: Fantastic!

ITVs Daybreak:Insects, slime, all the fun stuff kid's enjoy! Sounds perfect!

Hull Daily Mail: Delightfully disgusting!

Roberta Karchner (Amazon): If you have a totally gross preteen, preferably male, he will love this book.

ChelseaMamma ( The book is all written in short rhymes, and is great for teaching boys that rhyming can be fun, even if it was about a liquidised Slug being drunk from a mug and there are only four lines on every page, so it is great for those just starting to read.

Junior News & Mail: A funny disgustingly wonderful poem

Read It Daddy: It really reminded me of the fantastic Edward Gorey stories though it's not quite as dark and gothic as those.

About the Author

Calvin Innes

Over the past decade Calvin Innes has been captivating children's imaginations across the world with his often gross, sometimes spooky and always entertaining drawing and writing. His unique style and vision led him to create My Little Big Town, a publishing company which celebrates weird tales and crazy characters.

As well as illustrating the award winning Gorgeous George series and the upcoming swashbuckling adventure, Pirates Don't Play Cricket, Calvin has also written the Tiny Twisted Tales collection. This series aims to entice reluctant readers with short stories and poems about strange characters, whilst also spreading strong moral messages. The first three books in the popular series, Stuart The Bug Eating Man, Pale Henry and Jenny, are currently available, whilst the fourth, Frankie Steinberg is due out in July.

Calvin is also working on educational books for younger children. His Monster Book Of... series aims at teaching pre-school kids basic colours and numbers through vibrant and memorable characters.

His work has seen him travelling across the country, visiting schools, and teaching thousands of children about drawing and writing. He has featured in many newspapers and magazines, including The Sheffield Star, which said he is 'one of the best in the business' and most recently he appeared on ITV's Daybreak to talk about his work. He is also a member of the Society Of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Before My Little Big Town, Calvin worked as an illustrator for companies such as The Brownies, Girl Guides, Rainbow Guides, RSPB, Nestle, Cadbury's, Sony, London Zoo, Slush Puppy and even on The Smurfs Movie.

Today his time is spent conjuring up new ideas for characters and stories which will continue to scare, disgust, educate and leave in hysterics even more children who appreciate the weird and wonderful as much as Calvin does.

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7th December 2012




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