Dining With Dinosaurs A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching by Hannah Bonner

Dining With Dinosaurs A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching

Written by Hannah Bonner
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Dining With Dinosaurs A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching by Hannah Bonner

Sure you know T-Rex was the meat-eating king and brontosaurus munched on leaves, but what else was on the dino dining menu during the Mesozoic era? Meet the 'vores: carnivores, piscivores, herbivores, insectivores, trashivores, sunivores, and omnivores like us. Readers will be surprised and inspired to learn about dino diets and they'll get to explore how scientists can tell which dinosaurs ate what just from looking at fossils! Journey through artist and author Hannah Bonner's whimsical world to learn how the dinosaurs and their contemporaries bit, chewed, and soaked up their food.


From T. rex and like mega carnivores down to bacterial trashivores, everyone is a guest--and also on the menu--at this paleo-pantry... bespectacled Bonner (When Dinos Dawned, Mammals Got Munched, and Pterosaurs Took Flight, 2012, etc.) squires readers through teeming scenes of dino diners, with pauses for quick Q-and-A's with paleontologists about fossil evidence, revealing close-ups of teeth and jaw structures, and other informative sidelights... Properly noting that dinosaurs shared their era with reptiles, mammals, and even true birds... who all had appetites too, she presents her subjects in painted collectives by preferred diet.... Five-star fare for librovores. -- Kirkus Starred Review Junior readers will be dying to get their teeth into this delightful book... packed full of scientific fact

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HANNAH BONNER's natural illustrations have graced many publications, including the best-selling Scholastic Science Dictionary and three award-winning National Geographic Kids titles. Her work includes When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, and Tetrapods Stalked the Earth, a Booklist Top 10 Science Book for Youth which was on the New York Public Library's 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing.

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Interest Age: From 5 to 10 years


Hannah Bonner
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National Geographic Kids

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15th September 2016



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