Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs

Lily and Bear

Written by Lisa Stubbs
Illustrated by

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One of our Books of the Year 2015 -April 2015 Debut of the Month Lily and Bear – two wonderful new characters who love to play together – and love to share. Lily loves to draw. And, when she draws a bear – it comes alive! Bear loves all the things that Lily lives until…he suddenly decides he’d like to do some more bear-like things. Soon Lily learns to love all the things that Bear likes doing such as catching slippery jumping fish in the river, rolling down the mountainside and, best of all, listening to Bear playing the banjo under the starry sky. Lily and Bear make a great pair and the idea of the same but different is gently explored in this warm-hearted and touching story.

A Piece of Passion by the editor, Leilani Sparrow When David Bennett phoned me at 9am one morning raving about a new artist he’d met at a illustrator showcase the previous night, and sent me an image of a girl and a bear I was instantly wowed. There was a story in here waiting to unfurl from the pages. A story about a girl. A girl in a tutu, called Lily, who loves to draw, and who one day draws Bear. Bear is everything Lily wants him to be - a friend, a companion, a playmate. Together they play, sail the seas and have royal tea parties, until one day Bear tires of doing Lily things and wants to do Bear things instead. And because Lily loves Bear and Bear loves Lily, they do. They do the things that Bear likes best - picking berries and rolling down hillsides. It’s a wonderful book about sharing, about taking turns, and being yourself. The artwork is STUNNING. Bear leaps out from the page and would envelop you in a Bear hug if he could. It’s a book that will put a smile on the face of every child and adult who reads it. In my mind, it is a perfect picture book and I’m already looking forward to the next one from Lisa and Lily and Bear.


Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs

An adorable tale following Lily and Bear’s adventures after Bear is brought to life through Lily’s sketches. Lily and Bear are best friends. And being friends means taking turns. So some of the day they do Lily things and some of the day they do Bear things. The beautifully simple artwork echoes the innocence of childhood.

Lisa’s stunning art style has been inspired by her family. Lily and Bear began when her daughter drew a picture of lots of little, coloured hearts and said, “this is the colour of my love for you, Mummy”. Lisa created a screen print based on this drawing, which you can see on the endpapers to Lily and Bear. Lisa wanted to explore her children’s pictures and their childlike way of looking at the world and Lily and Bear was born.


In Lisa Stubbs's Lily and Bear, Lily's drawing of a friendly faced brown bear comes delightfully to life. Lily and Bear play: first Lily's games (tea parties and pirate ships) and then bear's - catching fish and scratching backs on trees. This is a cosy, happy picture book, its screen prints inspired by how children draw: Sunday Times

About the Author

Lisa Stubbs

As a child, Lisa watched hours of art shows on TV, doodling away with felt-tips in front of a small fire munching cookies. After studying graphic design and working as a greetings card illustrator, Lisa pressed pause on her career to bring up 3 wonderful children: Lily, Skyla and Sonny. She is now a freelance illustrator, screen printer, and happy mum dancing in her artist studio in the hills of the Holmvalley, Yorkshire. England.

Lisa wanted to explore her children’s pictures and their child-like way of looking at the world, seeing everything as fresh and new and brilliant – Lily and Bear was born.

What’s your favourite children’s book? There is no way I can narrow it down to just one. I love all the classics: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

What’s your favourite song? My favourite ‘feel-good dance-around-the-kitchen-when-no-one-is-looking’ songs are: ‘Skindo Le Le’ by Alive! ‘Don't Stop Me Now’ by Queen, ‘I Got Life’ by Nina Simone, ‘Oh Happy Day’ by the Edwin Hawkins Singers and ‘The Candy Man’ by Sammy Davis Jr.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without (not including people) Isn’t it obvious? Books and music – but that’s two things! I think this would be my artist materials – my pencils and sketch books. I’ll never stop drawing.

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Lisa Stubbs
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7th April 2016




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