Secret Breakers : The Power of Three by H. L. Dennis

Secret Breakers : The Power of Three

Written by H. L. Dennis
Part of the Secret Breakers Series

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May 2012 Debut of the Month. Code-breaking readers who love to follow clues and solve a mystery will be addicted to this gripping adventure. The Rules say that it is forbidden to try to unlock the secret code that hides a Truth that has been concealed for centuries. But then The Three are secretly appointed. It’s a deadly dangerous mission as they are to discover all too soon! Lead by Brodie Bay, the Three stick to their task and readers will stick fast to them as they do so.

H. L. Dennis says: “Codes literally make my heart race! The idea of being able to discover a secret that no one else might know about...the chance to make sense out of nonsense...the opportunity to look for hidden meaning and to share the thoughts of the creator of the code, thrills me. Working with codes is an adventure...a voyage, every time, into a world of the unknown.

"As a teacher nothing is more exciting for me than seeing a child break the code of a story. Stories empower and that is why I wanted my stories to be about everyday children who simply use their ability to ask questions and to see things from a different angle in order to be heroes."


Secret Breakers : The Power of Three by H. L. Dennis

Imagine the chance to solve the real-life, unbroken Voynich Manuscript - a puzzle that has truly defeated adults for centuries. It's an ancient manuscript no one has ever been able to decipher. And there are Rules that say it is forbidden to even try to solve it. A secret hidden for centuries. But Brodie Bray likes a challenge and when she receives a coded message through the post her life changes for ever. She's chosen for a secret team working to crack this most complicated code in the world to uncover the secret it hides. But it's a code that has driven people mad trying to solve it. Together with her new friends, Brodie must break the rules to break the code, at every turn facing terrible danger. For someone is watching them - and will even kill to stop them. In this original new series, three children tackle real unsolved mysteries and struggle with real unbroken codes to get to the hidden truth. A Da Vinci Code for kids ...


A beautifully drawn together story -- 01/10/2012 * Parents In Touch * My favourite part of this tremendous book was the fact it was packed with so much excitement, on every page a new secret was unzipped and leaving you feeling so excited... it is a must read! * Rachie, * Humour, despair, fear, excitement... This ticks all the boxes. * Inis Magazine * an utterly thrilling, exciting, intriguing romp. * * meticulously planned and very well-written * Carousel Magazine * Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way. It was fantastic! * Written Dimension * This gripping thriller ... will have you on the edge of your seats. * TBK Magazine * readers who love to follow clues and solve a mystery will be addicted to this gripping adventure * Julia Eccleshare, LoveReading4kids * ... plenty of action and adventure, mixed in with generous dollops of facts and information which will definitely appeal to readers who enjoy having their brains challenged as well as their imaginations. * The Bookbag * A must-read series for all fans of mystery adventure novels. * Scottish Daily Record *

About the Author

H. L. Dennis

H.L. Dennis worked in a boarding school for deaf children; in a book shop and as a children's story teller in a Native American Tepee. She and her husband taught together at the largest Junior School in Europe where she still works part time as a Year Five teacher and Head of English. Her daughter Meggie, an avid reader, has been amazing help with the building of the Secret Breakers series but her dog Benji, who's probably the laziest dog in the world, has been absolutely no help at all!

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336 pages


H. L. Dennis
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3rd May 2012




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