Rebecca's Rules by Anna Carey

Rebecca's Rules

Written by Anna Carey

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This book is amusing from the first page and hilariously identifies with a girl’s first steps into the teenage world of boys, friendships, school and musical productions. Anna Carey’s easy style will resonate with any young girl for whom friendships are all important and self esteem is taking time to emerge. Written in the first person, in diary form, it is broken into easy sections so picking up and putting down the book won’t be a problem. Aimed at the 12+ year olds, this is spot on, with an easy chatty vocabulary and a strong storyline set in the familiar surroundings of school and the school production, which all young girls will recognise. This a realistic, gentle book that won’t shock or distress but is written by an author who clearly understands the insecurities and self analysis that girls go through. Highly recommended.


Rebecca's Rules by Anna Carey

My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and there are lots of things wrong with my life right now. 1. My boyfriend has moved to Canada. Canada! 2. I have annoyed my best friends Cass and Alice by going on about him all the time. 3. I am going to a crazy girl's mad birthday party and I am not sure why. Things have got to change. So I've made some new rules. ? No moping. ? No ignoring my friends' problems. ? Find something exciting for me, Cass and Alice to do so our friendship gets back to normal. Something fun. Something new. Something like joining the school musical !


Ms Carey has vividly expressed Rebecca's feelings -- would recommend this lively and hilarious book to girls between the ages of 11 to 13 -- rate it a 9/10! -- 'a fun read which fans of Anna Carey's previous book will enjoy very much

'a family and school drama that many readers will find easy to identify with as the book touches upon many problems that teenagers - especially girls - have to face every day'

'It reminded me of being a teenager, the nice parts! It's a perfect piece of hilarious loveliness! Gold Star!!!!'

'I've just read a gorgeous book! Rebeccas Rules by Anna Carey. For young adults but so funny, sweet, bright I loved it'

'a witty and perceptive snapshot of contemporary Dublin teenagers and their preoccupations: family, friends, school, first romance'

'funny and warmly enjoyable'

'a real treat'

'Anna Carey has created another book to thrill preteen girls'

'a completely authentic teenage voice'


'beautifully drawn characters'

'a completely authentic teenage voice'

'the author has managed to capture the way teenagers think and speak absolutely faithfully'

'witty and easy to read'

friendships and family relationships so well, and for all its humour, this is a remarkably tender book

'the teen voice is spot on throughout, and the portraits Rebecca gives us of her friends and family will resonate with readers'

'Anna Carey has a sharp ear for dialogue and the book's diary format highlights this'

'Carey captures the excitement, camaraderie and tensions ... brilliantly'

'another fresh and funny tale of teen life, if anything even warmer and more perceptive than the first'

'further proof of Carey's talent'

'better than Adrian Mole!' 'highly recommended 'spot on 'amusing from the first page [a] warm and delightful read, with a positive and feisty heroine 'hilarious story 'sure to be a favourite with fans of authors such as Sarah Webb and Judi Curtin

's Recommended Reads 2012 'plenty of light humour and drama'

's Recommended Reads 2012 'John Kowalski is an inspired creation'

'another slice of real-life heartbreak and joy - and a lot of laughs -- Irish Independent 'wonderfully crafted'

'Carey captures the all-consumingness of first love angst to a tee'

'all the teen insight and even more of the humour and fun of the original'

'well written and speaks the language of the teenage girl to perfection'

About the Author

Anna Carey

Anna Carey is a freelance journalist from Drumcondra living in Dublin who has written for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and many other publications. Anna joined her first band when she was fifteen and went on to sing and play with several bands over the next fifteen years. Her last band, El Diablo, released two albums and toured all over the country. Her first book, The Real Rebecca, was published in 2011, and, to her great surprise, it went on to win the Senior Children’s Book prize at the Irish Book Awards. To the delight of many readers, Rebecca returned in the critically acclaimed Rebecca’s Rules, which was shortlisted for the same prize in 2012 (she didn’t win this time, though).

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288 pages
Interest Age: From 11


Anna Carey
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24th September 2012




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O'Brien Press Ltd is an imprint of O'Brien


The O'Brien Press is Ireland's leading general publisher of both adult and children's books. Our list covers a huge range, including biography, humour, photography, history, art, fiction, politics, cookery, sport, music, memoir, true crime and travel and we are constantly expanding into new and exciting areas.

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