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Knightley and Son

Written by Rohan Gavin

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One of our Books of the Year 2014 - One of the Lovereading4kids Readers' Choice Books of the Year 2014 - January 2014 Debut of the Month When weird things start happening around him, Darkus Knighty puts his mind to trying to find out why. Since the detective business is in his blood that is not really a surprise but, since his father has been in a coma for four years, he has had to learn all he needs to know on his own. When his father makes a miraculous recovery, he soon realises that Darkus can do with some help. Soon, father and son are trying to work out why a best selling book is creating such a stir and whether the very unusal things that are happpning are linked to the Combination? Darkus’s sharp mind helps unravel the clues in this surprising and entertaining detective novel.

For your budding detective there is a fantastic Knightley and Son quest pack which accompanies the book, full of puzzles to solve and codes to crack - you can download it here! And also have a look at the Reading Guide which has some great ideas for discussion points from the book and creative activities - see the tab right.

Reader Reviews

  • Katie Johnson, age 9 - 'I absolutely loved this book. Full of mystery, drama and suspense, this phenomenal story made me read on to see what happened to Darkus and Alan Knightley...I would definitely recommend it!' Read full review >
  • Dylan Sweet, age 10 - 'This book is an amazing detective story about a man called Knightly and a boy called Darkus who have a great adventure...I hope you enjoy reading this book.' Read full review >
  • Sam Harper, age 10 - 'This story was filled with excitement, mystery and clues to solve.  It is an amazing start to the series and I can't wait to read the rest.' Read full review >
  • Traviss Chaytors, age 10 - 'An outstanding book filled with everything from sadness to amazingness.' Read full review >
  • Elizabeth Moffat, age 9 - 'This book is great because it is full of surprises, twists and turns.  At certain times I laughed out loud. It is suitable for boys and girls aged 9+.' Read full review >
  • Luke Dutton, age 12 - 'I found the book really good because the storyline is a great idea and because it grabs your attention straight away, pulling you in. I give the book five out of five stars.' Read full review >
  • Lauren Coffman, age 13 - 'I really enjoyed this book.  It was a page turner from the beginning and the story was unpredictable throughout. I would highly recommend this book.' Read full review >
  • Alex Crisp, age 8 - 'This story is a breath-taking puzzle about a deadly book called 'The Code'. It features a man who has been sleeping for four years, and his teenage son who longs to be like him and to work with him.' Read full review >
  • Jake Norton, age 10 - 'Knightley & Son was fun to read, with lots of clever twists and turns to the plot. It keeps you guessing right up to the last page. I loved it!' Read full review >
  • Chloe Pickering, age 9 - 'I found this book to be very exciting and would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.' Read full review >
  • Kalilah - 'Awesomeness vs Evil: an epic battle!' Read full review >
  • Lucy Minton, age 10 - 'Knightley and Son is a thrilling adventure which had me hooked with its exciting plot.' Read full review >
  • Alex Faulkner, age 9 - 'As a young reader, I like funny books. And some people like adventures. Some like scary books. This book has all of them in. IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!' Read full review >
  • Alexander Butler, age 9 - 'This book was absolutely brilliant - fabulous!  The story is about Darkus (a little boy) and Alan (his Dad) who try to solve crimes together.' Read full review >
  • Charlie Perkin, age 12 - 'A witty, very formal book that describes the love of a Father & Son...amazing descriptions and way with words make it a great read.' Read full review >

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Knightley and Son by Rohan Gavin

Meet Knightley and Son - two great detectives for the price of one ...Alan Knightley is an expert in crimes too strange for Scotland Yard to handle, but four years ago the unexplained finally caught up with him - and he fell into a mysterious coma. His son Darkus is determined to follow in his father's footsteps and find out what really happened.

But when Alan suddenly wakes up, his memory is wonky and he needs help. The game is afoot for Knightley & Son - with a mystery that gets weirder by the minute, a bestselling book that makes its readers commit terrible crimes, and a sinister organisation known as the Combination...

ROHAN GAVIN ON WRITING KNIGHTLEY AND SON This book was inspired by many of the things that excited me as a child and still excite me now. I wanted to try and combine some of the genres I loved (suspense, fantasy, comedy) into one story. It probably started with my love of Roald Dahl's Danny Champion of the World, which for me is still the most heartwarming father-son relationship I've ever read. I particularly like the idea of the fantasies we create around our parents when we're yound - and in Knightley & Son, Darkus's fantasy of his father actually turns out to be real. Everyone has complicated relationships with their parents, who can be both incredibly inspiring and incredibly frustrating at the same time - so I thought this could be an interesting basis for a series. I then immersed myself in detective fiction, as I knew quite quickly that the glue that would hold the book together was that both father and son were detectives - the irony of the story being that young Darkus, having read his father's journals, is now a better detective than his father, which means they're suddenly dependent on each other and closer than they've ever been before.

About the Author

Rohan Gavin

Rohan Gavin is an author and screenwriter based in London. He is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and his enduring love of detective fiction, cars and conspiracy theories inspired him to write this book, the first in a series. Rohan is the son of award-winning children's author Jamila Gavin, and he recently became a father himself.

A Q&A with Rohan Gavin

Roald Dahl -- for his wit, warmth and darkness in equal measures.

Sherlock Holmes.

James Bond--like most Englishmen if they were honest.

Knightley & Son book 3 -- I don’t even have a plot for it yet.

The eternal problem of fathers and sons, and the fantasies every child has of what their parents might be capable of, and what they themselves might be capable of too.

When I was writing short screenplays to apply to film school in my early 20’s.

I listen to a lot of music, especially film soundtracks because they get me into the mood of a scene or a character. Music was my first love and it still influences everything I do. I find music is a shortcut to emotion, and for that reason it’s very useful, whether I’m writing something scary or something funny.
15. Do you have any abandoned stories in you ‘bottom drawer’ that you would like to revisit?
I have a large file of ideas and concepts that were originally intended for screenplays, but they might make an appearance in future Knightley instalments

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