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Eglantine Ceulemans was born in Belgium and currently lives in Lyon, France. She loves knitting, riding her blue bicycle, cooking and cleaning windows. Eg’s biggest passion is drawing. When she’s not drawing in her sketch book you can find her drawing on tablecloths, train tickets and anything else she can get her hands on. Eg loves to combine humour and emotion in her work. Captain Pug is Eg’s first book for Bloomsbury.

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Reader ReviewedCowboy Pug
Laura James - illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans
Pug is exactly the kind of hero young children happily identify with: he's a good friend, sometimes bemused by the grown-up world but a quick learner, and always at the centre of the action. In this story Lady Miranda and...
Lovereading Price: £4.79 - Saving £1.20 (20%) Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 04/05/2017
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