Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile by Angie Lake

Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile

Written by Angie Lake
Illustrated by Suruchi Sati & Shanith MM
Part of the Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds Series

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Follow the outrageously entertaining adventures of Danny Dingle, the schoolboy inventor, and his best friend Percy as they collect cool stuff for their box of fantastic finds and pull out all the stops to beat the evil genius Gareth Trumpshaw. The first book in the series.

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A Piece of Passion from Cecilia Bennet at Sweet Cherry Publishing Working in children's publishing as an acquiring editor, I am always looking for something that stands out from the crowd. Danny Dingle does just that with it's all-singing, all-farting, larger-than-life characters and irreverent tone. It is a treat to work on a book that's so genuinely funny and full of personality, which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The book's universal appeal is something that is mentioned over and over in reviews, and it is one of the reasons it is so brilliant for engaging reluctant readers. Danny's witty, imaginative and relentlessly optimistic personality is infectious: you can't help but love him despite his many flaws.


Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile by Angie Lake

DO NOT READ (unless you are Danny, Percy or Superdog.) Just don't. Seriously, DON'T. I'm not joking! BE WARNED: if you turn the page, this notebook will EXPLODE!

Meet Danny Dingle, aka Experimental Face (ha ha) - super-secret spy and future assistant to the greatest superhero EVER, Metal Face! Danny and Percy know they have to pull out all the stops to beat Danny's arch enemy, Gareth Trumpshaw, who's an evil genius, with an evil genius dad.(They're also big fat cheaters!) Can Dad's special brew of super-fizzy cola save the day? Or will it be down to Superdog to come to the rescue yet again.

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“The buzz it has created in the classroom is priceless and I hope that we can use it as the inspiration to encourage more reading.” – Mrs Dowsett, teacher.

“I had my class fighting over who was going to read the book next! It was lovely to see such enthusiasm over a book.” – Year 5 Primary school teacher.

About the Author

Tell us a bit about yourself - I was born in the UK and raised on the Spanish Costa Blanca. From the age of 18 I travelled around before settling in Barcelona, where I studied Psychology and began my writing career in the Spanish national music press. I am currently settled in Madrid where, aside from working a lot of hours, I find time to go to concerts, have karaoke parties on my own (when no one can see me) and indulge in hobbies such as practicing made-up Kung Fu in the park and tree climbing.

What inspires you to write? - What inspired me to start writing at a very young age was the possibility of creating unlikely characters, unbound by laws of physical impossibility… there was no real reason for a character to have an even number of limbs and, providing said limbs were in a convenient disposition, there was nothing to stop that character from riding around on the back of a musical unicorn.

In the same vein, events could be re-written… so I could take a bad day at school and re-write it with a happier ending or re-write a child or teacher who had rubbed me up the wrong way as a slimy amphibian, perpetually doomed to inhabit a pile of sick.

As time elapsed, the therapeutic effect of being able to create complex interrelated settings and characters combined with the comfort of being able to slip in and out of these worlds in my mind often made this paradigm considerably more appealing than the grey reality of unchallenging day jobs set against the backdrop of life in the bleak industrial outskirts of a big city.

I have to admit that I always wrote for myself, I hadn’t expected that so many people would want to read about the strange worlds in my head, but that’s OK… visitors are welcome!

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240 pages


Angie Lake
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Sweet Cherry Publishing

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23rd July 2015




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