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Gladiator Clash

Written by Chris Blake
Part of the Time Hunters Series

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In this first book in the Time Hunters series, school boy Tom has an unfortunate habit of breaking statues in museums! Every time he does so, he releases an ancient curse and finds himself stepping back into the past. Soon there are six amulets to find... In his first adventure his mission is to find a hidden amulet. To do so, he must fight the bravest gladiator who has ever lived. Tom learns some dangerous tricks in his battle for survival!


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In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for Gladiator Clash a small number of our readers were lucky enough to be invited to review this title. Here's a taster....'This is an exciting adventure with a brilliant plot. I loved all of the extra info sections at the back of the book and I learnt loads of really cool facts..A superb read – I loved it!'.

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Gladiator Clash by Chris Blake

The first in a new time-travelling series - perfect for fans of Beast Quest. Join two brave heroes on one incredible treasure hunt through the most exciting moments in history to find the missing amulets. A series that brings together time travel, Mummies, Gladiators, Gods, Knights, Vikings, Pirates and a dead cat called Cleo!

When ten-year-old Tom accidentally smashes a statue in a museum he releases Isis, a young Egyptian princess who has been imprisoned for thousands of years, along with her mummified moggy, Cleo. Isis desperately wants to break the curse and enter the afterlife, otherwise she'll be trapped between worlds forever. The trio must track down six amulets on a thrilling treasure hunt through time - coming face-to-face with Gladiators, Knights, Greeks, Vikings, Pirates and Egyptian Mummies! Tom and Isis arrive in Ancient Rome where their fighting skills are put to the test as they are forced to train as gladiators. A riddle from Isis's magical scarab reveals that the first amulet is hidden within the shield of a fierce gladiator hero. Getting their hands on the shield will be dangerous but, as the next terrifying battle gets closer, Tom and Isis are running out of time . Join Tom and Isis on their action-packed journey through history as they search for the hidden treasure and try to break the ancient curse.

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Eve Brownbill, age 10 I would recommend this book to people who like history and action-packed excitement. It's full of great characters and takes you on a journey through time. Click here to read the full review...

Diabolik Gilbey, age 10 I liked this book because it was historical, the characters are great and I would recommend it to everyone. Click here to read the full review...

Toby Goodall, age 7 Fast paced and action packed, cheeky Isis and cool Tom will introduce you to the dangerous world of gladiators! Click here to read the full review...

Evie Young, age 8 This book was like a mix of Horrible Histories and Beast Quest, I think everyone should read it! Click here to read the full review...

Alexander Bisland I would like to read the other books in this series because this was one interesting, so I think the others will be interesting to. I would recommend this to girls and boys aged 7+. I give this book 5 stars. Click here to read the full review...

Jake Norton age 9 Time travel is a great subject for a story as it leaves lots of potential for exciting adventures in different time periods. Click here to read the full review...

Alex Crisp, age 8 If you like Horrible Histories and stories, you will love this book. It is full of amazing facts about Ancient Rome, woven into an exciting story about an English boy and an Ancient Egyptian queen. Click here to read the full review...

Stephanie Chaplin, age 8 I loved the entire book and I think boys and girls who love adventure and a book you can’t put down will love this series. Click here to read the full review...

Sam Harper, age 9 This is an exciting adventure with a brilliant plot. I loved all of the extra info sections at the back of the book and I learnt loads of really cool facts – did you know that doctors in Ancient Rome used to taste their patients poo to find out what was wrong with them? A superb read – I loved it! Click here to read the full review...

Jennifer Towler, age 7 I would like the pirate and Egyptian ones particularly but I will try all of them, as I'm interested in what happens to Isis and Cleo. Click here to read the full review...

Hannah Minton I like Gladiator Clash because it goes into history and I like learning about history. I also like the language used liked the “shining shimmering amber amulet”. There is such a lot of that sort of lovely description in the book. I can’t wait until I read the next book in the series, it not just for boys! I could hardly put the book down. Click here to read the full review...

Emma Baird, age 10 This is a great book if you want to learn about ancient Egyptians or ancient Romans, but don’t like non-fiction books. It’s full of facts but it’s a really exciting book too. Click here to read the full review...

Alex Jacobi, age 9 a great book. The adventures are all very good. The words are easy to read and also very descriptive. Click here to read the full review...

Angus Duncan, age 9 If you like Beast Quest then you will like Time Hunters...lots of action and sword fighting. Click here to read the full review...

Anna-Claire Katherine Lux, age 9 I like the exciting story line and would recommend it highly. Click here to read the full review...

Nathaniel Toal, age 10 I would give this book 5 out of 5 because it has lots of detail and facts people might not know. Click here to read the full review...

Tom Fernandes, age 10 I would recommend this book to anyone, especially for children aged six to ten years old who like adventures. Click here to read the full review...

Aaryan Sheth, age 10 I enjoyed this book immensely mainly because I found it easy to understand and yet still unpredictable. I also liked the fact that it is set in a historical background enabling you to learn about the past without even realizing it. Click here to read the full review...

Thomas Newman, age 7 It's a good book and I recommend it for people who like the Beast Quest stories, because it is an exciting adventure. Click here to read the full review...

About the Author

Chris Blake lives in the South West, not far from Tintagel Castle, rumoured to be the home of King Arthur. Ever since he was a little boy Chris has always dreamed about travelling through time. He likes watching Doctor Who and looks forward to the day that time-travel is possible as he'd love to visit all the places in his books. In the meantime Chris will keep writing his own adventures. Chris has an old black cat called Merlin.

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Chris Blake
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4th July 2013




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