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SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun

"First in a fun, imaginative new series of activity story books to develop STEM skills in young children "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

May 2022 Book of the Month

This attractively illustrated and cleverly designed book is targeted at children from ages 4-8 and successfully employs key strategies to absolutely ensure their engagement. A pleasingly diverse and relatable cast of characters, Lilli, Bea and Leo, are inquisitive friends who love adventure and solving problems. They discover that when they need help with a difficult problem, if they just hold hands and think hard, they are transported to the magical kingdom of Questland where they are transformed into, ever popular, Superheroes. There it is up to them to complete a series of challenges using key STEM skills, cooperation, and teamwork. I am sure parents will find the explanatory glossary outlining the STEM skills involved in each book very useful! For the reader these books develop key essential learning skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. One can easily imagine a group of children, or a child and parent or carer, talking together to solve the entertaining puzzles. The very sturdily produced book comes complete with reusable stickers and rewards to collect and the questfriendz.com website provides free activity sheets and supporting classroom materials, lesson plan guides and extra downloadable stickers. By ensuring that children are attracted by the imaginative story and characters, engaged in fun activities and rewarded for their success, this will be a sure fire hit at home or at school and a brilliant example of learning through play!

Joy Court

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Reader Reviews

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Not only is this an engaging story with beautiful illustrations, but it is also a great way to introduce kids to a range of STEM activities in a fun and accessible way.

SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun is an engaging book that balances both story and interactive STEM activities.

The story is engaging with three main characters who are inquisitive and resourceful. I also liked the fact that different ethnicities were represented. The magical elements in the story are sure to capture children’s imaginations; I loved the transformations that the characters went through when they travelled to Questland.

The unique aspect of this book is the interactive nature. Each chapter has an activity that corresponds to the task the characters have to complete, akin to a video game.... Read Full Review

Victoria McCormick

Super fun puzzle and challenge book with a story.

This book was amazing. It is a story about three children who have to stop the King stealing the sun. But every page has different challenges to complete and games to play with stickers. The games are fun puzzles and it was good to solve them and I felt like I was on the mission and helping the children too. My favourite bit was quest 5, putting the instructions in order.
Children who feel stressed should play the games and it will stop them feeling stressed and cheer them up. Also children who don't like reading might find it fun to play games when they read.... Read Full Review

Milo Jones

Superhero superquesters try to solve super tricky challenges throughout this book, but they need your help! Use the stickers at the back of the book to track down Lord Grumble and save the day!

This is an interactive story with eight different quests throughout, which the reader needs to solve using various different stickers. Overall the three main characters are trying to find Lord Grumble, who has stolen the sun and plunged questland into darkness. I read this book with my eight year old son, so I'll start with his review first. He said that he enjoyed the story and the different challenges; however the challenges were probably made for someone who is 6 or 7. He didn't dislike any of the book and wouldn't make any changes to the story or concept. I love the idea behind the interactiveness of the book and I agree with my son, it's more for the 6/7 age range.... Read Full Review