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Kids Reader Review Panel

Explorers, Adventurers and Investigators wanted! Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to travel to another world? We need champions who are as fast as a supercar, agile as a cat… and… well… likes books?

LoveReading4Kids is the UK’s Leading Children’s Book Recommendation site. To make sure we’re offering the best book recommendations possible, we enlist the help of our LoveReading4Kids Reader Review Panel to provide us (and you) with honest and candid reviews. Our awesome Reader Review Panel offer their feelings on some of the latest books, and even have the chance to read some books before they hit the shelves!

We currently have around 500 different readers, librarians and schools who are contacted when we have copies of books available to review. With books available from toddlers to teen, our review panel then select the books that they would be interested in reviewing and are then randomly chosen to receive a free copy of the book. Our LoveReading4Kids very often received books before they are released so that we can offer the best possible recommendations for the books as it is published.

The reviews that feature on our sites are also shared with the publishers so that they can use them in their own promotion of the book. We encourage constructive honesty in all of our reviews and like to make sure that the reviews we feature are as detailed as possible (but all ye who enter here, beware the dreaded Spoiler!!) so we ask our Reader Review panel to provide an extended review of the book they receive (around 250 words where possible).

If you this you would be up to the challenge of being a LoveReading4Kids Reader Reviewer then sign up using the link below.

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