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SuperQuesters: The Case of the Missing Memory

"Each quest cleverly covers an aspect of STEM, coding, problem solving, sorting, spatial awareness and other thinking skills. "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

April 2023 Book of the Month | Shortlisted for the Week Junior Book Awards 2023

What a super idea this book is. The promotion of STEM in schools has been a popular topic for a number of years, but to have such a fun and interactive approach for young children is an inspired idea.

This story, the second in the series, is about three superheroes, Lilli, Leo and Bea. They have their own problem to solve in the real world, that of a non-functioning toy robot, but they also have to solve the mystery of the missing memory in the magical land of Questland.

The book is then divided into quests, rather than chapters. Each quest is a different problem that needs fixing – lack lustre stars, confused birds and forgotten recipes to name just three. For each quest, the reader must complete a challenge using reusable stickers at the back of the book.

Each quest cleverly covers an aspect of STEM, coding, problem solving, sorting, spatial awareness and other thinking skills. The bright, colourful pages, with illustrations by Amy Willcox, make each quest a fun yet educational challenge.

The book is aimed at children from 4-8. Whilst the age-appropriate story and colourful stickers would appeal to a 4-year-old, and a story they would enjoy having read to them, I think the 6–8-year-olds would have more fun and success with the quests and final outcome of the story.

I notice there is also additional support material, lesson plans and classroom guides, making this interactive book an even more invaluable resource. Reading the covering letter, I imagine there might be a few more of these books to come which would be fabulous.

Rosie Watch

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Fun and interactive puzzle and story book which introduces the reader to coding skills.

Bea, Lilli and Leo are trying to fix a robot. They have to travel to the magical Questland to solve the problem and when they are there they also need to save the Queen and all of Questland from the evil Lord Grumble who have taken people's memories!
This was a really good book with lots of exploring and adventures. I loved that I got to do things in the book and that I got to help on the quests, it was so fun! My favourite quest was number 4 when I had to help the Baker remember how to make doughnuts!... Read Full Review

Milo Jones

My children rated this book 5/5, they loved 'winning' a new sticker for completing each quest. The storyline and quests are fun and engaging. The tasks were challenging for my 4 year old but easy for my 7year old. They both really enjoyed solving the tasks together. Very educational book that makes learning to problem solve fun for young children.

I read this book to my children aged 4 and 7 years. They both really enjoyed the storyline and loved being able to help solve the clues. My 7 year old said that they found the tasks easy and could have completed most tasks independently. My 4 year old needed support with the tasks but was able to solve them with some guidance. They both loved using the stickers on each page and 'winning' a new sticker for each task that they solved. They definitely found this book educational but fun at the same time.... Read Full Review

N Shovell