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Good Morning, My Deer!

"Enjoy the witty wordplay in this bright and inventive book of homophones"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Banjo and his mum are having what at first appears to be a normal type of day – they get up, have breakfast, shop, do some chores, eat dinner, and go to bed. Their normal day is soon interrupted by witty word play though, creating some hilarious scenarios. Soon Banjo is brushing his hare rather than hair, and picking flours not flowers!

A delightfully clever and engaging book for young readers. Inventive use of homophones is wonderfully employed to create both a fun reading experience and a solid learning opportunity. Bright, bold and colourful illustrations are integral to the story, inviting young readers in to identify and share the linguistic jokes. Excellent use of endpapers is made, with the front hinting at the coming wordplay and the back clarifying the homophones used and suggesting more. This will be a lovely book to share and explore together.

Lots of fun and highly recommended.

Amy McKay

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