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Books By Leila Rasheed - Author

Leila Rasheed is the author of several books and series for children, including the Chips, Beans and Limousines books for Usborne, and (under the name Ellie Boswell), the Witch of Turlingham series. Her most recent books are Katherine Johnson: A Life Story (Scholastic, 2019) and The Smiling Stones (Rising Stars, 2019). She loves travel and places she has lived in include Benghazi, Brussels, Barnsley, Birmingham, Kota Bharu and Ascea.  Before she was a writer she was a children’s bookseller in Brussels. She also leads creative writing groups and works for the Royal Literary Fund, helping students with their writing. Her website is www.leilarasheed.com

Author's Website: http://www.leilarasheed.com/

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