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Steve Feasey - Author

About the Author

Steve Feasey was born and brought up in Hertfordshire. The youngest child, and the only boy, of four, he found himself reading books, of which there were always lots to be found around the house.

Thanks to his father’s love of reading, Steve grew up on adventure stories by Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Burrows and Jack London.

A late-comer to writing, Changeling was Steve’s first novel and, as he says “I consider myself supremely fortunate to have had my first stab at writing published”.

Steve describes the experience of writing Changeling and how it came about one evening as he sat watching a BBC documentary on fiction for boys.

“I came up with the idea for the two main characters in Changeling, one an ancient vampire, the other a teenage boy who discovers he is a werewolf.

"Changeling was an absolute joy to write. As an author that doesn’t plot, it was great fun to go on the Journey with Trey Laporte, and to discover how he was going to come to terms with a world that suddenly becomes full of demons, vampires, djinn and all manner of other nether-creatures.”

Steve is passionate about getting children reading – boys especially. Growing up as an avid reader he felt there was a limited choice of books for boys once they entered their teenage years – and then he found a copy of the Stephen King classic Carrie on his sister’s nightstand …

Although, Steve is quick to point out that he doesn’t consider the Changeling books to be horror books.

 “I like to think of them as action-thrillers that just happen to have classical horror creatures as the main characters. I hope my readers will see them in the same way.

Elmore Leonard, Ridley Pearson, Stephen King are all authors he especially loves to read, describing them as “out-and-out storymongers.”

Steve lives in Hertfordshire with his family.

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Author: Steve Feasey Illustrator: 0 Format: eBook Release Date: 24/01/2018

"e;Ich bin ein Teenager!"e;Lucien stand auf und sah Trey durchdringend an. "e;Nein, Trey, du bist nicht einfach nur ein Teenager - seit letzter Nacht nicht mehr. Denn letzte Nacht hast du zum ersten Mal erlebt, was du wirklich bist: ein Werwolf."e;Treys Welt steht auf dem Kopf. Pltzlich lebt er in einem Luxusapartment in London, sein reicher Onkel stellt sich als Vampir heraus, und Trey selbst ist der letzte reinrassige Werwolf. Und damit nicht genug: Laut einer uralten Prophezeiung ist Trey der Einzige, der den grausamen Caliban daran hindern kann, die Menschheit zu knechten.

Der Turm von Leroth

Der Turm von Leroth

Author: Steve Feasey Illustrator: 0 Format: eBook Release Date: 24/01/2018

Tom hielt ihrem Blick einen Moment stand, dann nickte er langsam. "e;O. k."e;, sagte er. "e;Wie sieht der Plan aus?"e;"e;Ein kleines Team reist so schnell wie mglich nach Reykjavk. Wir dringen in den Turm von Leroth ein, holen Mynors Kugel und bringen sie her, um meinen Vater zu heilen."e;Tom blickte sie amsiert und unglubig an. "e;Einfach so?"e;, fragte er. "e;Na ja, das muss sicher noch genauer ausgearbeitet werden, aber das ist der grundlegende Plan, ja."e;Treys Beschtzer, der mchtige Vampir Lucien, liegt nach dem letzten Kampf gegen seinen bsen Bruder Caliban im Koma. Nur die Kugel des Mynor kann ihn retten - doch die ist im Besitz der mchtigen Zauberin Gwendolin, die mit Caliban gemeinsame Sache macht. Gerade sind die beiden dabei, mit Hilfe der Kugel eine Armee aus Untoten aufzustellen, die Zerstrung unter den Menschen anrichten soll. Trey, Alexa, Tom und der junge Zauberer Charles machen sich auf den gefhrlichen Weg nach Leroth, zu dem magischen Turm von Caliban und Gwendolin, um ihnen die Kugel des Mynor abzunehmen und Lucien zu retten.

Mutant Rising

Mutant Rising

Author: Steve Feasey Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 25/02/2016

The world has changed for Rush since he discovered that he wasn't the only one. A Mutant with powers that the Pure government would kill for, there are five kids like him on Scorched Earth, hidden from the world until now. Rush: telekinetic; Anya: shapeshifter; Jax: mind reader; Flea: time-stopper; Brick: healer. As their powers grow, Rush knows that they have a mission that means more than their own survival. Together, they're like the ultimate weapon - they might just beat the evil government of President Melk. But someone will stop at nothing to break them up. And as Melk threatens to destroy the entire Mutant city, Rush's feelings for Tia, one of the Pure, threaten to complicate everything ... A brilliant follow-up to Mutant City, packed with action, adventure and a collection of unlikely heroes - plus two spectacularly good villains, to boot. Perfect for fans of X-Men, Charlie Higson and action-packed sci-fi extravaganzas.

Mutant City

Mutant City

Author: Steve Feasey Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 23/04/2015

Fifty years ago, the world was almost destroyed by a chemical war. Now the world is divided: the mutants and the pure, the broken and the privileged, the damaged and the perfect. Thirteen years ago, a covert government experimental facility was shut down and its residents killed. The secrets it held died with them. But five extraordinary kids survived. Today four teenagers are about to discover that their mutant blood brings with it special powers. Rush and three brothers and sisters he can't remember. Two rival factions are chasing them. One by one, they face the enemy. Together, they might just stay alive . . .

Demon Games

Demon Games

Author: Steve Feasey Illustrator: 0 Format: eBook Release Date: 11/05/2012

After his disasterous trip to Alaska, werewolf Trey Laporte returns to London to discover that his vampire guardian Lucian is missing, and Lucian's daugher Alexa, Trey's long time crush, has entered the demon realm to rescue a kidnapped friend. Using Lucian's resources, Trey quickly finds a guide to lead him and sets off on a rescue mission of his own. But when he discovers that his "e;trusty"e; demon guide has betrayed them all and Alexa has been captured, Trey is faced with a terrible choice: Compete in the gladitorial Demon Games against unbeatable foes for the amusement of the Demon Lord Moloch or watch Alexa die.

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