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Andy Seed - Author

About the Author

Andy Seed is an author and poet. He writes memoirs, funny poems and humorous non-fiction books as well as all sorts of things for teachers. Two of his greatest passions are cheese and table tennis, which he feels sure could be combined somehow one day. Andy lives on the side of a hill in the woolly wilds of North Yorkshire where he grows comedy vegetables and the best weeds for miles around. He also loves visiting schools and getting children reading for enjoyment. Andy's most popular book for adults is All Teachers Great and Small and his most popular book for children is The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff, which won the 2015 Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award.

Read a Q&A with Andy Seed:

Describe your book in about 15 words: 

A fun guide to being a nature detective and discovering animals from the clues they leave behind. 

How do you get the ideas for your books, especially The Clue is in the Poo? 

I spend a lot of time with kids and I know the types of things that interest them and also parents and teachers. I read a lot, do research at the library, travel around a lot and explore wild places (and get lost a lot). I also collect interesting snippets and facts and true stories that can be used to make good books. And then it’s a case of adding some funny bits, maybe a splash of silliness and making it enjoyable to read. With ‘The Clue is in the Poo’ I borrowed lots of big detailed books about animal tracks and signs from my local library and used them to learn things I didn’t know. Then I walked around the forest where I live and I looked at the kinds of things that children are most likely to come across and be interested in. Then I added facts about dangerous and very large, exotic creatures, to add a thrill element, and there was a book that was useful, enjoyable and interesting. 

What is your favourite children’s book? Both right now and when you were a child. Why? 

Right now, I think The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is just a great, simple, powerful story. When I was young it was Stig of the Dump – it took you into a magical, wild and adventurous world. My current fact-book fav is The Usborne Official Astronaut’s Handbook (Louie Stowell) – this combines brilliantly info, wit, stories, great illustrations and expert knowledge. Outstanding. 

Why are books important to you? 

Stories give you a chance to enter another world and learn about other people and happenings you’ll probably never encounter. But for a time you are there, in it, living it. Our minds when we read great stories paint far more vivid pictures than any digital screen ever will. 

Factual books I love too: true stories (biographies and memoirs) tell us about real amazing lives and events. Then who doesn’t love a wacky random fact or a clever explanation of the way that some small part of the world or nature works? And if a book can make me laugh too then that’s the best thing of all: we all need to giggle. 

And poetry is wonderful too: playing with words to bring alive wit and fun and power. 

Choose one thing that you would like your readers to take away after reading your book: 

That there are clues to wildlife activity everywhere – and even a pile of poo can tell you a lot! 

Did anything surprising happen during the writing of your book? 

Living on the edge of a forest I was able to go for walks and see loads of the clues I was writing about and now I notice a lot more than I used to. On one of these research rambles I came face to face with a very big and fierce-looking wild boar. Luckily it didn’t consider me worth mangling! 

Featured books by Andy Seed

The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff

The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff

7+ readers

Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: Scott Garrett Format: Paperback Release Date: 08/05/2014

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2015 - Best Book with Facts      This laugh-out-loud book is bursting with lists, facts, jokes and funny true stories all about silly people, silly animals, silly inventions, silly names and much more. Discover The Great Stink, the man who ate a bike, a girl really called Lorna Mower and a sofa that can do 101mph. Find out about famous pranks, crazy festivals, nutty cats, gross foods, epic sports fails, ludicrously silly words and really rubbish predictions. There are even lots of great silly things to do. Unmissable!

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Other books by Andy Seed

Interview with a Shark and Other Ocean Giants Too

Interview with a Shark and Other Ocean Giants Too

Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: Nick East Format: Hardback Release Date: 13/05/2021

If you could talk to animals, what would you ask? Get familiar with 10 extraordinary ocean giants as they step up to the mic and share their habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, favourite foods, and more. Each animal has its own story to tell... and its own attitude! In this fun and fact-filled book, bite-sized text in a question-and-answer format is paired with colourful and engaging illustrations throughout, perfect for emerging or reluctant readers, or any young animal enthusiast who enjoys a bit of humour! Features 'interviews' with a great white shark, blue whale, orca, sunfish, giant squid, narwhal, manta ray, octopus, conger eel, and angler fish. Plus, ideas for how to do your bit to help endangered species.

The Clue is in the Poo And Other Things Too

The Clue is in the Poo And Other Things Too

Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: Claire Almon Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 11/03/2021

Wild creatures leave a trail of clues wherever they go. Be a fearless nature detective and discover the curious clues of the wild. A fascinating and funny guide to animals and their poo, and all the other tracks and traces they leave behind. You will be amazed (and perhaps a little revolted!) by the things that can be learned about wildlife from their deposits. Become a detective, find clues and learn all about animals from what they leave behind. From faeces to footprints, skins to shells and eggs, discover all there is to know about wild animals - even those that are particularly dangerous to track like tigers and wolves! Whether you're an armchair enthusiast or a forest forager, one thing's for sure: this fully illustrated compendium of poops, pellets and prints is not to be sniffed at!

A Giant Dose of Gross Discover the World's Most Disgusting Animals!

A Giant Dose of Gross Discover the World's Most Disgusting Animals!

Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: Claire Almon Format: Hardback Release Date: 15/10/2019

Nature's most disgusting creatures take centre stage, in this humorous but enlightening collection of downright disgusting creatures. From puking vultures and farting goats to stinky opossums who pretend to be dead, this title will include disgusting facts exploring each animal's unusual skills and how they use them to survive. Humorous illustrations celebrating weird and wonderful creatures will delight any child with an interest in animals and nature, particularly those with a fondness for the grosser things in life.

Athletics Band 04/Blue

Athletics Band 04/Blue

Author: Andy Seed Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 08/12/2017

Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds features exciting fiction and non-fiction decodable readers to enthuse and inspire children. They are fully aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 1-6 and contain notes in the back. The Handbooks provide support in demonstration and modelling, monitoring comprehension and expanding vocabulary. Learn about all the different sports you can find in athletics, from long jump to marathon running, in this photographic information book by Andy Seed. Blue/Band 4 books offer longer, repeated patterns with sequential events and integrated literary and natural language. This book focuses on adjacent consonants with long vowel phonemes. Pages 14 and 15 allow children to re-visit the content of the book, supporting comprehension skills, vocabulary development and recall. Reading notes within the book provide practical support for reading Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds with children, including a list of all the sounds and words that the book will cover. This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader.

On the Track Band 12/Copper

On the Track Band 12/Copper

Author: Andy Seed Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 22/05/2017

Build your child's reading confidence at home with books at the right level Track cycling has been around since the 1870s, but it's never been so popular as today! Find out all about the specialist bikes, breathtaking races and top riders in this book. Copper/Band 12 books provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina. Text type - An information book. The book is organised into short chapters to help children practise the skills of locating and identifying important information. The glossary and index on pages 28 and 29 can be used to develop children's information retrieval skills further. Curriculum links - Physical Education; History



Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: 0 Format: eBook Release Date: 20/08/2015

ALL TEACHERS GREAT AND SMALL tells the true story of Andy's first year at Cragthwaite Primary School - how he bravely negotiated the vagaries of the local dialect, made disastrous bids to provide a family home, naively and hilariously tried out new-fangled ideas in a school stuck in a 1950s time warp, and ultimately discovered a little part of England he was proud to call home.Warm, touching and very funny, All Teachers Great and Small transports you to a time that may be gone but has never been forgotten.ALL TEACHERS WISE AND WONDERFUL: A year on from the end of ALL TEACHERS GREAT AND SMALL, Barbara and Andy Seed are settled into their Dales village, but at school trouble arrives for Andy in the form of nine-year-old Sheena. After two years in the job, Andy Seed returns to Cragthwaite brimming with confidence and looking forward to a year that is bound to bring its own rewards, as well as its share of mishaps and misadventures. But even he didn't anticipate exploding piggy banks, bottle-rocket missiles, and actually deafening Dracula. At home, Andy and Barbara are enjoying life with little Tom, and are expecting again. Meanwhile, a new friendship is formed with hill farmer Adam. Adam proves both an inspiration and a confidante for Andy, and through him he begins to see the light with troubled Sheena. The second in Andy's trilogy about life as a Yorkshire Dales teacher, this is as warm, witty and refreshing as the first, full of colourful anecdotes from village and school life.Andy Seed is beginning his fifth year teaching at Cragthwaite Primary in the Yorkshire Dales, and as always a new term is full of surprises.ALL TEACHERS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL: These take the form of a beautiful, but not terribly bright, student on placement from the local teacher training college, and a particularly pushy and problematic parent with a fine line in complaining. It looks like Andy's pupils are the least of his problems...At home in Applesett, things aren't all rosy either. Barbara is forced to take a job as a postie to help pay the mortgage, which means finding someone to look after Tom and Reuben. When two old friends move into the village it looks like the problem has been solved, but it soon transpires that rural life is not for everyone.As always the book is peppered with the hilarious and heartwarming incidents that a life living and working with children inevitably contains.

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