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James Bishop was the runner up in the 2016 ITV Lorraine's Top Tales competition. Inspired to write a comic-book style superhero book by his vast collection of comic books and by the birth of his newborn baby, James set to work writing about a boy with a rare superpower - Iguana Boy was born.

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Author: James Bishop Format: Paperback Release Date: 28/07/2014

In a world where curiosity and wonder are stifled in the name of greater security, and the Sabet computer corporation dominates the industry, an unlikely hero emerges. Michael discovers a secret that his grandfather left for him, and as he delves deeper and deeper into the mysterious gift, he is drawn into a world of technology he never imagined. With the help of Atilla, an artificial intelligence training system, Michael battles for freedom of information, open-source operating systems, and curiosity. James Bishop's fourth book b1tM0NK imagines a world where our current technology and legal system could take us, and warns us of the pitfalls of exchanging freedom for security. While hackers around the world are being criminalized, James Bishop imagines a world in which the hacker is the hero.

The Dissident

The Dissident

Author: James Bishop Format: Paperback Release Date: 14/09/2012

It's Christmas time in Pinehurst, Kentucky. The town is preparing for the annual Christmas Festival, when an unexpected visitor arrives, saving a child who falls into the river. Josh seems to have some remarkable abilities, including stretching wood and multiplying food. But he is also changing some of the residents. Everyone sees Josh differently, from the local sheriff who believes he is an escaped parolee, to his landlady who sees a resemblance to her late husband. Is he a Christmas miracle, an alien, or just a trouble-maker? James Bishop's new book The Dissident is a deep look into how we view ourselves, others around us, and reality itself.

Cancer Facts

Cancer Facts

Author: James Bishop Format: Paperback Release Date: 28/01/1999

This work provides cancer incidence, mortality, risks, trends and management information distilled into a concise text. It aims to bridge the gap between the information in general medical and surgical texts and the large oncology reference volumes used by practicing oncologists. Topics covered include epidemiology, basic medical science, major treatment modalities, oncological emergencies, cancer in AIDS patients, and the doctor-patient relationship. For ease of reference, Fast Fact Sheets present the key data on lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancer, melanoma, and tumours of the endocrine system.

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