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Our family really, really love making things. We invented JUNKO to help kids (and grown-ups!) upcycle their home’s recycling into toys. Hopefully, you’ll agree that there’s no need to buy new toys all the time - it’s way more satisfying and good for our brains to learn to make things ourselves and of course it’s much more eco-friendly too :)

Just like you, we care about the planet, so JUNKO is made from recycled plastic - that way we use less of the earth’s precious natural resources. If we don’t use up old plastic (there’s more of it than you can imagine) it gets buried, burned or finds its way into the sea - each has an environmental cost. 

Magic Corners are sturdy, reusable, they cut out the single-use plastics you get with sticky tape or glue - and they join up card better than anything else we’ve seen! When you’re done playing, just take your creation apart and pop it in recycling (so long as you haven’t covered it in paint!)


BETH ROPE (mum) Making and colouring the toys & photography

ORSON  ROPE (son) Bat design, Dart graphics, Little Robot design/toys

BELLA ROPE (daughter) Colouring and graphics - The House, Decorations

HECTOR ROPE (son) Croc design, Little People and Alien toys

PETE ROPE (dad) Book design

Author's Website: https://www.planetjunko.com/

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