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Chrissie Sains - Author

Chrissie Sains grew up in Billericay, Essex, where she spent her childhood seeking adventure and finding trouble. Described by her teachers as having a lively imagination , Chrissie's escapades include her attempted rescue of the school's pet fish and the discovery of a dead body in a field that turned out to be two tyres under a sheet. She has swum with sharks, scuba-dived shipwrecks and sky-dived from a plane. Chrissie has a background in marketing and events but now writes full time and is a graduate of the Golden Egg Academy and a member of SCBWI. 

Author's Website: https://www.chrissiesains.com/

Books Authored By Chrissie Sains

An Alien in the Jam Factory

Chrissie Sains


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An Alien in the Jam Factory

Chrissie Sains


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