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Books By Alison Reddihough - Author

Alison is the co-founder and writer for Tickled Moon, who create high quality personalised children’s books, with fun, fresh personalisations and original, rhyming stories.

Alison started out following her passion to be an actress and worked in theatre, TV, commercials and voiceovers for several years. Her acting work encompassed everything from the BBC, Miller and Shaw to a fairy, an ugly sister and a dalek! She then expanded into theatre production on the London Fringe, commissioning and producing new plays with her own theatre company.

After teaming up with her husband Simon Roberts, she then ventured into filmmaking with their company Amulet Films. They produced 3 short films, including “Ghosthunter” which was shortlisted for a Live Short Action Academy Award and became the subject of the book “How to Make Great Short Feature Films - the Making of Ghosthunter”.

As well as all her creative enterprises and becoming a mum to 2 boys (the toughest job of all!) Alison also trained in many varied complementary therapies, including NLP, aromatherapy, reiki and quantum psionics.

But throughout all of this she has always loved writing - poetry, plays, screenplays - and now, personalised children’s books with Tickled Moon. She looks forward to creating and publishing many more joyful and original personalised children’s books with them.

You can learn more about Alison’s writing process in Tickled Moon’s blog “On Writing The Birthday BOO!”.

Author's Website: https://tickledmoon.com/

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