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Born and raised in Glasgow, Jacqui Dempster has a law degree and also ran performing arts schools, directing and producing shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. She has an interest in all things paranormal and took the Koestler Parapsychology course through Edinburgh University to gain insight into the science of the paranormal and the themes that run through PJ and the Paranormal Pursuers. She has written two adult fiction novels, Charon's Children and The Thirteenth Pillar of Artemis.

Author's Website: https://www.jacquidempstercover2coverauthorblog.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR3zW0uJPJZ3XTSR0SVR8iJu1IJAJWn05fBSpyprx2NceBf5J4a9Bb15EO0

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PJ and the Paranormal Pursuers

Jacqui Dempster


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