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Charlotte Markey, Daniel Hart, Douglas Zacher - Author

Dr. Charlotte Markey is Professor of Psychology and Founding Director of the Health Sciences Center at Rutgers University, Camden. She is a world-leading expert in body image research, having studied body image, eating behaviour and weight management for over twenty-five years. Through all her roles as a scientist, teacher, writer and parent she is passionate about understanding what makes us feel good about our bodies and helping others to develop a healthy body image. Dr Markey is the author of four books, including The Body Image Book for Girls. Her research has gained widespread media attention, having been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Economist, ABC News and Time Magazine.

Dr. Daniel Hart is a developmental psychologist and distinguished professor of psychology at Rutgers University, Camden, and has studied and worked with adolescents and young adults for more than 30 years. He has written several books, including Becoming Men. Dan is passionate about understanding factors that lead to healthy development, especially when young people experience disadvantaged upbringings.

Douglas Zacher, M.A., is currently studying for a doctorate in public affairs at Rutgers University, Camden, where he is also a part-time lecturer teaching psychology classes. He has a long-standing interest in issues around mental health, eating, education, and public policy, and he conducted many of the interviews that appear in this book.
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Author's Website: https://markey.camden.rutgers.edu/

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