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Jerome Martin, Alice James, Alex Frith, Lan Cook - Author

Jerome Martin has written children's books about science, history, Shakespeare and food. Before joining Usborne in 2014, he spent a decade studying literature at Harvard, Cambridge and the University of Iowa, and several years behaving responsibly in a copywriting office. Now, he spends his working hours researching delightful and amazing facts, his evening hours parenting two children, and the minutes in-between writing poetry.

Alice James joined Usborne after working in primary schools for a while. She absolutely loves science, and over the years has lived with chimps, spent a month in the rainforest, studied Biology at Oxford University, and grown 200 carnivorous plants (not necessarily in that order). Whilst at Usborne Alice has worked on books on all kinds of science topics, from space to energy to the periodic table.

Alex Frith has been writing Usborne books since 2005. His diverse output covers such titles as See inside Your Head, Stories of Thor and Politics for Beginners. He has spoken at multiple festivals about his book 100 Things to Know About Space. Alex can be found in London.

Books Authored By Jerome Martin, Alice James, Alex Frith, Lan Cook