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Books By Becky Jerams, Ellie Wyatt - Author

Becky Jerams (pictured) is a singer-songwriter and YA author from the coastal town of Portsmouth, UK. She has written songs for films, Disney TV shows, adverts and international artists including the popular K-pop group, Red Velvet. Becky began writing fiction and sharing her stories on Wattpad, where she gained over 2 million reads. Her passion for music and writing led Becky to co-author her debut 'booksical', The Songs You've Never Heard, a YA book accompanied by an album of songs. When she's not writing, Becky enjoys watching films and going to the theatre with her husband, playing gigs and meeting artists in her local community.

Ellie Wyatt is a BAFTA-winning songwriter and musician from Brighton, UK. She has written music for a wide range of films, TV shows and adverts. Her musical journey first began with touring in a band, session work and teaching music, She then went on to become a professional composer creating numerous scores and themes tunes for CBeebies, Sesame Street and other children's TV. Ellie's musical friendship with Becky led to her co-authoring their debut 'booksical', The Songs You've Never Heard. Ellie is passionate about the arts and is a dedicated environmental campaigner. She loves living by the sea in the vibrant city of Brighton, UK, with her husband and daughter.

You can find out more about Ellie and her work here www.elliewyattmusic.co.uk

Author's Website: http://www.beckyjerams.com/