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Rowan Ellis is a writer, video essayist and LGBTQI+ advocate who creates content around queer history, pop culture and activism. Her YouTube channel has over 170,000 subscribers and her videos have a collective total of nearly 8 million views. Her work has been covered in publications including Forbes, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Elle UK and BBC, and she is the co-founder and co-organiser of Ruckus Retreat, a residential retreat for creatives. She lives in London with her two cats - Persephone and Ichabod - and an oven perpetually full of baked goods. Jacky Sheridan is an Irish illustrator who uses her unique humour and style to create fun, bold and engaging work. She lends her illustration talent to artistic activism around causes such as queer rights, feminism and body positivity.

Here and Queer

Rowan Ellis


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