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Mark Arrigo is a professional photographer/director with an eye for visually poetic narratives. Mark set up the charity A Home for Winter in 2016, building shelters for refugees in the Calais Jungle. Steven Chatterton is a writer/director with a strong appetite for world-building and telling stories from children’s perspectives. He has worked for the last five years with the children’s literacy charity The Ministry of Stories, encouraging creativity in kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Diala Brisly is a Syrian artist and activist who used to run art workshops and paint murals at refugee camps. Diala also created her own magazine Zayton and Zaytona, distributed in Syria to remind children surrounded by fighting what it means to be human. She has been featured in press articles in Le Monde and Deutsche Welle, and in interviews on the BBC, PBS, Al Jazeera and TV5 Monde. Today she lives in France.


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