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Cally spent many fun-filled years as an in-house artist for Hallmark Cards before going on to pursue her children’s book dreams. She has now illustrated nearly 20 picture books and hopes to work on many more! She creates her artwork at her seaside cottage in Northumberland, where daily beach walks with partner Phil and Jasper the chihuahua help to inspire her practice. She has an impressive Instagram (@callyjanestudio) where she enjoys sharing work and news of her latest books. Nima Patel is a psychology graduate, parenting coach, children’s author and former primary school teacher, with a family background of over 30 years’ experience in early years education. While academic knowledge is crucial, Nima believes developing emotional intelligence equips children with the tools they need to thrive in a complex world and that developing these skills at an early age will instil an empowered sense of self and act as a blueprint for adult life. Combining her two passions in life: self-development and teaching, she has passionately created the brand Mindful Champs, with a mission to bring an emotional education into the lives of children.

The Best You

Nima Patel


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