For those of us who are shy, oracy will never be easy and it begs a discussion around shyness versus introverted and how as adults we can help support inclusive discussions and help people find their voice. Shyness is more of an undesirable, umcomfortable feeling of self-consciousness around others. This fear of being judged can lead to physical sensations such a blushing. shaking and speechlessness. Shy people can often be overlooked as adults are worried about causing unnecessary stress but it is important that these children are supported - in order that they find their voice and are properly represented.

There are lots of shy heroes in literature and it's important we shine a light on these to help inspire others. The Boy at the Back of the Class is about the arrival of Ahmet, a new boy in class who intrigues his classmate, as he doesn’t speak, or smile, and disappears at break times. In Katya Balen's October, October her protagonist October is a bird with clipped wings. Torn from her wild world, she implodes, becomes a firework of fury, until she strikes up a bond with a boy named Yusef. For shy sidekicks we have Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter who was overlooked and drastically underestimated. Until he showed his true grit. And we mustn't forget Maud Spellbody in Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch.

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