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Salat in Secret

"An empowering story of faith and bravery"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

It’s Muhammad’s birthday and his daddy has a special present for him. It’s a salat rug. ‘You’re seven now’, his smiling daddy says, ‘Old enough to pray five times a day.’ Muhammad is excited about his gift with its ‘fuzzy patterns and gold stitching’. He takes care with the preparations to pray and is ready to find a quiet place for salat at school. But he’s shy about asking the teacher and can’t help but remember when some teenagers laughed at his dad as he prayed in the open.

Going out that night in their ice cream van, they encounter more unfriendly passers-by but inspired by his dad’s devotion, Muhammad finds the courage to join him, ‘we’re just ice-cream men praying’, and they’re left to continue in peace. Next day, Muhammad is able to talk to his teacher. The story is told with wonderful clarity and simplicity, and young readers will understand exactly how Muhammad feels, the importance of salat, and his love for his brave, joyful daddy.

Hatem Aly’s illustrations make it even more appealing to children while an author’s note explains what salat is, the times and names of the prayers, and other terms used.

Andrea Reece

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