Not only are Beano celebrating their 85th birthday this year with the campaign ‘Being a Kid Never Gets Old’, November marks the 70th birthday of comic icon Minnie the Minx! 

Beano is the longest running comic in the world, with an average monthly readership of over 450,000. To celebrate the milestone birthdays, they've released a mega-funny highly illustrated story Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief following Minnie as she attempts to cheer up her parents with a super epic PRANK.

Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief is the latest Boomic in the Beano Fiction series – a cross between books and comics. (BOOk + coMIC = BOOMIC). The book is written by authors Craig Graham and Mike Stirling and illustrated by another icon of the comic world Laura Howell, the first female artist to produce a regular strip in The Beano. The book also sensitively covers family dynamics as Minnie deals with her parents splitting up.

Craig said: “In her 70th anniversary year, Minnie stars in her very own Beano Boomic for the first time - and about time too, she says! Minnie's always been a trailblazer, and if being first also means being the first to fail, then that's fine by her, as long as there are lols along the way. Minnie makes (non)sense of the world by turning her life into comics, and we'd love everyone who reads this book to also become a comics creator in their own right! - don't worry if you haven't done it before, Minnie has shared all her top tips!”

Mike said: “I'm full of beans about how this Boomic takes Minnie to the max, just in time for her 70th anniversary. The story is all about friends, family and overcoming your greatest fears, by learning to laugh at them. It also stars the most epic prank in Beano history! For the first time, Minnie reveals her very own comic diary - her life the way she sees it! Showing us all how to create our own personal versions too.”

Laura said: “I am very excited to illustrate Minnie's very first Boomic! As an artist, it's very important to capture your subject's good side - although in Minnie's case, it's more like her cheeky side. Actually, that's all of her sides. Her minxing is the real work of art!”

In addition to Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief the Beano Fiction series includes seven other exciting Boomic titles centred on the infamous Dennis & Gnasher: 

In Battle for Bash Street School mysterious new teachers arrive to lay down the law at notoriously naughty Bash Street School and Dennis, Gnasher and friends finally face a classroom test they simply can’t afford to fail … 

In The Abominable Snowmenace mysterious smelly footprints lead the gang to the school kitchen where they find themselves in a race against time to save their new best friend.

Attack of the Evil Veg sees an army of giant, carnivorous vegetables sprout to rule Beanotown! Dennis, Gnasher and friends must root them out before they fall victim to the attack of the evil veg.

It all goes wrong in Super Slime Spectacular when Dennis, Gnasher and their classmates undertake a risky experiment to create the ultimate slime.

The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle returns in the book of the same name, and Lord Snooty flees town, so Dennis, Gnasher and friends are dared to last the night within the fortress's spooky halls. 

Dennis and friends must hunt down his little sister Bea after she goes missing whilst his parents are at an adult-only wedding in Little Menace’s Great Escape

From January 2024, YOU can be the main character on the best school day ever in the upcoming title The Day The Teachers Disappeared. Choose which direction you’d like the story to go in and discover what it truly means to become a Bash Street Kid.

Find out more about Beano and have fun with quizzes, games, jokes, sound effects and facts galore over on the Beano website.