Knowing how challenging it can be to encourage some children to read, we know the deep joy that comes with them finding a character or a story that really speaks to them, that they grow to love, and they want more, more, more of.

You might have yourself experienced a deep and enduring love for a series of books. If you formed a strong emotional connection with the characters in the first of a series, it's a treat to then follow them through multiple books as you become attached to their development, personalities, and journeys.

Many book series end each installment with a cliffhanger or unresolved plot points. This leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next book to discover what happens next. The anticipation and curiosity become part of the enjoyment. It's an absolute killer when you're desperate to read on, but can't...

Book series frequently introduce readers to detailed and immersive fictional worlds. Worlds like that of wizards and muggles in Harry Potter, of Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings or Panem in The Hunger Games. These worlds can be so captivating that readers want to keep exploring and learning more about them.

They can fall in love with the antics of a particular character, and become obsessed with following them on each and every bookish outing. Whether it's Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Horrid Henry, Tom Gates or Anisha Accidental Detective, there's plenty to keep them sated. If you're looking for a new series to inspire the book hungry child in your life, then check out our 70 series of books for kids with a voracious appetite. Plenty for them to get stuck into there.

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