Hats of Faith

Written by Medeia Cohan-Petrolino

Illustrated by Sarah Walsh

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LoveReading View on Hats of Faith

One of Our Books of the Year 2017 | There should be more books like this: in bright, appealing illustrations it tells children how people of different faiths cover their heads to show their love for God. Working on the principle that learning about each other makes it easy for us to be more understanding and therefore tolerant, each page features a man, woman or child with a short, friendly line of text to explain who they are and to name their headpiece (phonetic pronunciation is provided too). Amongst others, we’re introduced to a Sikh man in a Turban, a woman in a Tichel and a young boy in a Kippah. Their smiling faces immediately engage our attention making this a great book to encourage dialogue and discussion.  ~ Andrea Reece

For free colouring sheets, teaching tools and a look inside the book, please visit www.hatsoffaith.com

Hats of Faith Synopsis

This beautifully illustrated, board book aims to teach children, parents and educators about the shared custom of head covering across the Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Rastafarian, and Islamic faiths. Introducing accurate terminology and brightly coloured images of each headpiece, Hats of Faith helps prepare young children for our culturally diverse, modern world and encourages tolerance and understanding.

Hats of Faith Press Reviews

 “I am so excited about Hats Of Faith! As parents, we have a huge responsibility to teach our children about love, tolerance, unity and diversity.”  Maxine Leslau 

“Hats of Faith should definitely be incorporated in schools as it is a beautiful and important educational tool that teaches children about different faiths and practices.”  Rozina Ahmed, London Mayor’s Office

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ISBN: 9780957636477
Publication date: 10/09/2017
Publisher: Shade 7 Publishing Limited
Format: Board book

Book Information

ISBN: 9780957636477
Publication date: 10th September 2017
Author: Medeia Cohan-Petrolino
Illustrator: Sarah Walsh
Publisher: Shade 7 Publishing Limited
Format: Board book
Pagination: 14 pages
Suitable for: Baby and Toddler, 3+ readers, 5+ readers
Genres: Religion / Bible Stories, Personal Social Health Economic
Other Categories: Books of the Year

About Medeia Cohan-Petrolino

Medeia Cohan is an experienced writer, but this is her first children’s publication. This book is a passion project for her, with a mission to educate children about diversity and tolerance early in life. Medeia believes that early familiarity with faith-based customs will lead to kinder future generations.

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