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The Five Clues

"A taut, compulsively readable thriller"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

August 2021 Book of the Month

Edie is still grieving for her mother, killed a year earlier in a horrible accident, when she discovers a secret note her mother left for her. It states that the ‘accident’ was anything but, and that this is the first in a trail of clues she has left for her daughter, explaining what it was she was investigating, and why it got her killed. The tension heightens as Edie solves the clues, putting herself in more and more danger. The people who arranged her mother’s murder are utterly ruthless while Edie has very few she can turn to for help. Anthony Kessel handles plot and character well and this DIY detective story will appeal to fans of Holly Jackson and Sophie McKenzie.

NB, there’s one particularly violent scene that some readers might find upsetting.

Andrea Reece

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A very different detective mystery book.

Don’t Doubt the Rainbow is about 13year old Edie Marble. A year before the book starts, her mother dies. Edie finds a letter from her mother, full of clues and mystery to help her work out what really happened to her. It is quite a dark and sad book at times, especially with Edie still coming to terms with the loss of her mother. But it is also exciting and different from what I usually read.... Read Full Review


This is a great book full of adventure and and friendship and puzzles to solve. I loved it!

The first thing I noticed about this book was the cover. It just looks so intriguing. It made me want to read all the little words all over it and made me very interested to find out what was going on inside.
This story is about a girl my age who has very sadly lost her mum to an apparent accident or suicide and it deals briefly with the thoughts and feelings around this. Her dad is a GP who is also struggling terribly with depression and loneliness.
A year after her mum's death Edie and the family go to a Stone Ceremony as they are Jewish, and she wears a coat she has not worn since her mother’s death. I’m her pocket she finds a note written to her, from her mother.... Read Full Review

Lily O’Dwyer

a compelling and captivating story about sadness, loss, acceptance, endurance, thriller, and empathy.

By solving cleverly devised puzzles left by her late beloved mother, Edie together with the help from her best friend, sibling, and father, unearths the shocking truth of her mum's untimely demise. Despite getting into many dangerous and horrendous situations on her mission to bring justice to the murderers, Edie remains undeterred by their actions and continues to investigate. Along the way she learns a lot about the dark evil secrets of those involved; the greed and the lengths people go, to become wealthy. 

Edie adored her mother's perceptions on life and enjoyed spending every available opportunity with her, listening to her and cherishing every moment. So losing her a year ago turned her whole world upside down in the blink of an eyelid. The after-effects left Edie distanced from her surroundings and it affected every aspect of her life.... Read Full Review

S. Kaur