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Verity Fairy: Sleeping Beauty

"A lively new version of a favourite fairy tale, just right for newly independent readers"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

November 2021 Book of the Month

Fairies Verity and her best friend Celeste live in Fairy Tale Kingdom, where all your favourite fairytale adventures take place. In this story, Tatiana, the Queen of the Fairies, puts Verity in charge of the party the human king and queen are throwing for their new baby daughter. When Verity accidentally on purpose leaves out Nissa, the grumpy fairy places that curse on the baby. Fortunately, with Celeste’s help, Verity can put things right, not just for the royal family, but with Nissa too.

As with other titles in this series, this puts a sweet new twist on a much-loved story and little children will be very taken by Verity and Celeste. With lots of illustrations and short chapters, it’s good for newly independent readers and a useful glossary will help them understand and remember new vocabulary.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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This is a really funny book about a fairy called Verity who always tells the truth. This gets her into trouble!

This book is about a fairy called Verity and her best friend Celeste. The Queen of the Fairies gives Verity the task of organising a party for the new baby Princess Rosamund. Unfortunately, Nissa, an angry fairy curses the Princess because Verity hasn’t invited her to the party. When she is only four years old, Princess Rosamund pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, just like in the traditional story. She falls into a deep sleep along with everyone else in the castle. Verity has to break the spell but she needs Celeste’s help. They have to find a Prince to break the spell but not the kind you would expect!

Emilie Harris

Retelling of fairy tales with a twist following Verity the fairy and her friends

These books are amazing for young readers. It's a retelling of the famous fairy tales but with a twist. You follow Verity and her friends as they try and help good beat evil. But Verity has one problem she can only tell the truth will this get her in trouble?
My daughter said "I love fairy tales and really enjoyed reading these as they had a twist and a different view of the story. I loved following the story of Verity and hoping she wouldn't get in to trouble but with Verity meaning truth I know she would get into some trouble. Verity was definitely my favourite character even if she did get herself in trouble sometimes. I liked that this book is just the right length for me to read at night and that they have definition of works in it too.

Cora Mooney