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Famous Five Graphic Novel: Five on a Treasure Island

"A jaunty graphic novel adaptation of Blyton’s classic treasure-hunting adventure"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

February 2022 Graphic Novel of the Month

Part of an exciting new series of Famous Five graphic novels, Five on a Treasure Island gives an ever-green adventure classic a whole new lease of life. Béja and Nataël’s adaptation is smart and pacey, with plenty of appeal for graphic novel aficionados and newbies alike, and appealing Tintin vibes oozing from the illustration style and colour palette.

Julian, Dick and Anne are visiting Kirrin Cottage to meet their “wild child” cousin George for the very first time. After being well and truly warned off calling her Georgina, the siblings break through George’s prickly exterior and she takes them to her very own island, pretty much all that remains of her ancestor’s estate — or so it initially seems. After exploring a shipwreck and finding a map of Kirrin Castle, the adventurers set about trying to find ancient buried treasure, but soon realise they’re not alone in this search.

With pitch-perfect plotting and tonnes of atmosphere, the witty, modern dialogue sits perfectly alongside the glorious retro illustrations.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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This book captures all the scenes from the original books and puts a new, fun and distinctly graphic novel style on them.

This book is good for graphic novel fans. I enjoyed this graphic novel because it had great illustrations. Despite being quite short I found it full of action. It was well written, and I enjoyed the illustrations. The author and illustrator captured the story from the original book well. I found it quite short but despite this it was a particularly enjoyable read. I would recommend it to people aged eight to ten years old. I think the illustrator has captured all the scenes, characters, and locations from the original books.... Read Full Review

Barney Clark

This is a great version of a book that we really love. It has all of the excitement and of the original, but told in a shorter and more up-to-date way.

This is a great version of a book that we really loved as a bedtime story. We’ve just finished reading the whole series of the originals so this new version of Five on Treasure Island was perfect timing for us. It has all of the excitement and of the original, but told in a shorter and more up to date way. We love graphic novels as a way of getting the best bits from classic books that can be a bit overly wordy and descriptive, plus this one has been updated a bit to leave out the annoying idea that Anne couldn’t do things that the others could do because she’s a girl.... Read Full Review

Ollie and Toby Hopwood