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Beyond Belief

"Beyond Belief takes a look at how scientists and inventors have been inspired science fiction"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month March 2022

Science fiction has long delighted readers with its inventive ideas and incredible technology. Ideas such as time travel, teleporting and the creation of artificial life have always seemed destined to remain a fiction: just something to dream about. Beyond Belief takes a look at how scientists and inventors have been inspired to turn some of these fantasies into reality. They are hard enough to imagine and it is even more remarkable to think that they might one day become part of everyday life.

Julia Eccleshare M.B.E

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Reader Reviews

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It is amazing to think how much science can do so far and how much more it might do in the future

This book was brilliant, it was really interesting and made you think about all the things science can do already and all the things that it might be able to do in the future. Some of it was a little scary.... Read Full Review

Samuel Killen

A fun, colourful and interesting science book full of possibilities. Well worth a read, you won't be disappointed!

Beyond Belief is a fun and interesting science book that looks at possible scientific innovations in the future, based on things available at the moment. Topics range from travel to immortality. It is a superhero fan's dream book! Will I be able to become invisible? Are superhumans possible?

The book itself is bright, colourful and full of pictures and diagrams. The writing is broken into small chunks that easy to access.... Read Full Review

Sam Briggs

I think that all kids should have this book on their bookshelf and all schools should have this book in their classrooms

Beyond Belief by Alex Woolf and Jasmine Floyd is brilliant! This book looks at all of the things that scientists are trying to do in the future and it blew my mind!! It really is beyond belief!

Teleportation, immortality, nanotechnology, x-ray vision, nuclear fusion and cloning – the scientists who work on these things have really really high IQs! I learnt so much from the book and really like the “What is it?”, “How does it work?” and “Did you know?” sections that gave little bitesize facts about very important concepts. I learnt what a quantum was and couldn’t believe that they are working on technology that could help us teleport! How amazing!... Read Full Review

Abigail Morrow