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The World's Most Ridiculous Animals

"A guide to the world’s most amazing animals, with quirky facts and some made up laugh-out loud Latin names"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Prepare to meet some of the world’s most amazing animals, each of them adapted to survive in ways that are marvellous but, according to the cheeky narrator of this unusual information book, a bit ridiculous. Take the Mexican Mole Lizard for example, which looks like a long pink worm except that it has a pair of mole-like forelegs; weird, but great for digging beneath the sands of Central America.

There are lots more wonderful creatures too from the macaroni penguin to the very cute but venomous pygmy slow loris. Each animal is illustrated in colour, the illustrations accompanied by paragraphs of lively fact-filled text and quirkier, jokey labels courtesy again of our playful narrator, who also edits the Latin names for each animal in humorous ways, so that the common wombat, or vombatus ursinus becomes cubus poopus (the text also helpfully explaining why wombat poo is uniquely dice shaped). The combination of animal facts and humour make this very appealing and the illustrations are very attractive too.

Andrea Reece

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