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Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise

"This illustrated first reader is ideal for helping young children alleviate fears through harnessing the power of the imagination."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Author-illustrator Adeola Sokunbi has struck gold with Sleepover Surprise, the first book in the inspirational, fear-allaying Destiny Ink series. Fun and finely attuned to the emotions and perspectives of 5-6-year-olds, it sees Destiny Ink use her creativity to overcome her fears. As such, it’s a wonderful series to inspire young children to use their imaginations and pick up their pens to work through their worries.

Destiny, whose favourite catchphrase is INKTASTIC — “a mash-up of my two favourite words: fantastic, and my surname Ink. Do you get it?” — is extremely excited ahead of her first sleepover, which will be extra-special because she and her friend Olivia will be sleeping outdoors in a tent. At the same time, Destiny is struggling with a fair few worries around what to expect of the sleepover, including the possibility of scary monsters lurking in the garden.

To put her mind at rest, Destiny draws what the tent might look like, and makes her own tent to get a sense of how the experience might feel. That night, she’s still scared of the monster when an actual monster appears! As it happens, he’s also scared about being away from home, which leads Destiny to put Trog’s mind at rest, leaving her ready to enjoy her very own sleepover.

Empathetic and sensitive, Sleepover Surprise is sure to have a soothing influence on young children who are scared of staying away from home for the first time, while also gearing them up for the fun they’ll have when all those fears are overcome.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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A fun book with fantastic pictures, as Destiny would say ‘This book is Inktastic!’

This story is about a girl called Destiny who is scared to go to a sleepover in the garden at her friend’s house so she practices at home. While practicing she meets a monster who is scared of the dark. Destiny helps him overcome his fears.

I love how Destiny came up with the word ‘Inktastic’! This story was fun to read and interesting. I kept reading as I wanted to know what would happen to Trog the monster. Sometimes I feel funny like how Destiny felt when she was scared.

Sleepover Suprise would be perfect for fans of Isadora Moon.... Read Full Review

Abidah Khatun

The book made me feel like I was inside of it. I felt excited and wanted to get to the end quickly. In one day I read the book 3 times . I wanted to read it over and over again. The funniest part of the book was when Destiny and Trog first met and they said 'ahh a monster, ahh a child'. I think everyone should read this book especially my friends in year 2. I would rate this book 100% and give it 100 smiley faces.

I liked the book because the monster was so funny and kind. The story was about a little girl and a hamster. They are going on a sleepover. But, she also can't help feeling a little worried. They're going to camp outside in the garden in a tent but also in the dark. The little girl used her trusty sketch book to doodle her ideas and work through her worries. She even draws some monsters, but that makes her feel a bit scared again. So she makes a tent in her in her room to practice having a sleep over.

The main characters are Destiny, Trog, Fuzzy and Furbs. Destiny is a little girl and she likes to doodle and have fun. Fuzzy is a hamster who likes eating carrots. Trog is a monster and he is funny and kind character, his favourite food is onions.... Read Full Review

Anayah-Rose Snagg

Super fun friendship story!

I enjoyed reading Destiny Ink. The illustrations are really fun and bring the pages to life. The story is perfect for children just entering chapter books.... Read Full Review