The Medusa Project : The Hostage

Written by Sophie Mckenzie

Part of the THE MEDUSA PROJECT Series

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LoveReading View on The Medusa Project : The Hostage

A breathtaking, headlong thriller that grips from the very first moment - this sequel to The Set-Up tells how Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan, recent recruits into the undercover crime-fighting force called The Medusa Project, tackle their next major mission. This time Ketty has to make decisions on her own if she is to save her brother but to do so she must keep her special psychic powers undercover or she’ll risk the safety of the rest of the group. Danger stalks on all sides in this action-packed adventure with its psychic extra dimension.

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The Medusa Project : The Hostage Synopsis

Fourteen years ago, four babies were implanted with the Medusa gene - a gene for psychic abilities. Now teenagers, Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan have been brought together by government agents to create a secret crime-fighting force - The Medusa Project. But now Ketty's brother Lex has stumbled into a dangerous game involving his boss and a hidden bomb. It's up to Ketty to save him without letting on what she knows to the rest of the team. But can she control her psychic visions, and her feelings for Nico, without getting the team's cover - and herself - blown sky high?

The Medusa Project : The Hostage Press Reviews

Review of ‘The Medusa Project: The Hostage’ by Books for Keeps [3 stars]

This fast-moving adventure tale is the second in a series about four 14-year-olds with special psychic gifts who have been recruited by the British security service. As we join the four, they are established at their north London boarding school and have a back-story of the villains they have already encountered. This time, one of the teenagers, Ketty, is blackmailed when her brother is kidnapped by a sinister computer-entrepreneur threatening to plant a bomb in London if his own brother is not released from prison.

The story beats a frantic path through various locations in north London and the New Forest as characters are held at gunpoint (‘Listen to your brother, or watch him die!’), break into buildings and have last-minute escapes. Each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger and, at one point, The Third Man is evoked as the villain is confronted on the big wheel at a fun-fair on Hampstead Heath. Yet these escapades take place against a background of school-life and youthful angst. The teenagers often regret having psychic powers such as mind-reading and think that they are being exploited by the security service (‘I felt like a monkey doing tricks,’ says one). And the fear that they feel is real: when a gun is pressed against Ketty’s side, she thinks she is ‘going to pee’ herself. Like its predecessor, this book ends with the first chapter of the next book in the series: indeed, Sophie McKenzie says in an introduction that she changed the opening chapter of Hostage in the light of readers’ comments following its inclusion in the earlier book. This retains the readers’ interest and involvement and also provides a change in perspective, because each novel is evidently narrated by a different member of the ‘Project’.

Despite the fantastic events, there is an underlying realism to the characterisation of the protagonists, who are gradually becoming a mutually dependent group in contrast to their dysfunctional families. While the book is, in many respects, an old-fashioned adventure yarn, it reflects contemporary interests like computers and mobile phones, and has the teenagers talk in 21st-century argot. Some of the language, however, seems unsuitable for younger children: while we don’t expect quaint niceties such as the Famous Five’s ‘lashings of ginger beer’, some may feel uncomfortable with the ample helpings here of ‘Shit!’ and ‘Crap!’ For this reason only, the 11+ age-range suggested by the publisher seems too low. Otherwise, this is an exciting and well crafted adventure story.

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ISBN: 9781847385260
Publication date: 07/01/2010
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's an imprint of Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781847385260
Publication date: 7th January 2010
Author: Sophie Mckenzie
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's an imprint of Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 256 pages
Suitable for: 11+ readers
Genres: General Fiction
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About Sophie Mckenzie

Sophie McKenzie was born and brought up in London, where she still lives with her teenage son. She worked as a journalist and magazine editor until she was made redundant, at which point she seized the opportunity to pursue her ambition to become a writer and enrolled in a creative writing course. Her debut was the multi-award winning Girl, Missing (2006), and she is also the author of Blood Ties and sequel, Blood Ransom, The Medusa Project series, Luke and Eve trilogy and most recent novels, the thrilling Split Second and Every Second Counts. She has clocked up numerous national and ...

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