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"A collection of heart-pumping adventures in the company of extraordinary women"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Since leaving BBC Breakfasts’s iconic red sofa Louise Minchin has been busy. Busy caving in the wild; busy free-diving beneath ice; busy cycling across Argentina; in fact… busy having no less than 18 jaw-dropping adventures of a lifetime. In Fearless, she tells these adventure stories with the newsreader professionalism you might expect, and we get to meet the 18 phenomenal women adventurers who invited her into their worlds.

Louise seems to have crammed all this into a single year - her competence as a triathlete is widely known but even so, this is a lot of energy, risk and courage for such a short window. In her introduction she explains how career battles with sexism have nurtured a drive to tell the stories of these women, to rebalance the narrative which for so long has revolved around men in adventure circles. The women she meets in Fearless are humble, self-deprecating and honestly vulnerable as they go about their projects.

I like the way Louise Minchin tells a story. Every chapter starts with a key moment of the challenge she finds herself in, drawing you into the scene. Here she is, staring into pitch-black freezing cold water; or sapped of energy on the waters around Alcatraz; or shivering violently on a mountain … wherever she finds herself she is clearly not comfortable and yet also super-happy. Such is the contradiction of ‘Type 2 Fun’ - the idea that some hellish things are worth it for the subsequent euphoria. Beyond these dramatic opening paragraphs Louise then settles into the broader experience, but importantly the character and back-stories of the women themselves also shine through. It is clear in many cases the personal reasons why these women do what they do, and Louise finds the time to listen while getting on with the adventure in front of her, getting the job done.

Fearless is an interesting title because, of course, there is fear in these women. Fear perhaps of being unfulfilled, of not responding to their calling, fear of fear itself. This collection of adventures will inspire women everywhere to act on their dreams, to believe they can do it, because what is clear is that the women who are already out there tearing down barriers and putting up firsts and records are just like them. They don’t consider themselves special, talented or particularly different. They are just ordinary, but also extraordinary. Louise Minchin is one of them. Brave stuff.

For further tales of women in adventure, read Tough Women - a collection of adventure writing by the women themselves, under the expert curation of Jenny Tough.

Greg Hackett

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