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Fish is Fish

"A shining tale of drama and discovery"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Illustrated in his unmistakeable style, Leo Lionni’s book is full of wit and insight.

It stars a minnow and a tadpole who are inseparable friends. When the tadpole starts to grow legs however, the minnow is outraged and can’t believe his friend could be a frog, ‘Frogs are frogs and fish is fish and that’s that’, he states. But of course, the frog’s legs keep growing whatever the fish says, and soon are long enough for him to leave the pond and explore the world. The fish wonders where his friend has gone and is delighted when he returns, full of news of the extraordinary things and creatures he’s seen. As the frog describes birds, cows and humans, readers are privy to exactly how the fish imagines them! A longing to see the world for himself almost proves too much for the fish but fortunately all ends well with him happy and where he should be in his luminous underwater world. And it is luminous in Lionni’s illustrations. A sparkling story, simple but full of surprising depth.

Andrea Reece

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