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The Working Classroom

"A punchy manual that questions why secondary school isn’t working for students from a disadvantaged background"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This book is a punchy manual on ‘how to make school work for working class students’. It is written from a knowledgeable educational background and the two authors are passionate in the belief that working class children get less of everything in education and in life, including respect. They believe a working-class child starts the educational race halfway behind a middle class child. Whether or not you agree, the book is presented in a positive and convincing style. The authors confront the argument that a working-class child is disadvantaged by design and not by accident and that social class and wealth, not ability, defines the successes of students’ educational outcomes.

The book sets a challenge to the reader. The contents clearly lay out their mission, to question why secondary school isn’t working, and what can be done to resolve the issues. The chapters are clear and accessible with key questions, reflective questions, actual scenarios, and advice. There are also tips for students, tips for teachers to create more motivational lessons, and how to deal with anxiety and wellbeing, in addition to how to study, revise and manage your own education.

It is a very passionate book and one you really need to embrace to get the most out of it. Whilst there are many thought-provoking facts, such as ‘70% of university entrants are from private schools’, and ‘only 4% of doctors are from working class backgrounds’, there is less examination of the supportive working class parent who does believe in education, or the middle class parent who does not support either school or student.

Whilst the authors are driven by their passion and politics, they also provide lots of practical ideas and advice to educators that make it a positive reflective read.

This book is available to purchase directly from Crown House Publishing here

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