Books for Babies and Toddlers

The best selection of books for babies and toddlers.

Nothing beats sitting with a baby or toddler on the knee and reading a book together.


The words provide a language of communication long before conversation is possible and the joy in recognising them over many re-readings provides endless shared pleasure while the pictures can be enjoyed first jointly and then by the child alone as they pour over the images they love.

Included in our selection are a range of really sturdy and interactive books suitable books for babies and toddlers for the bedroom, the car, the bath, the buggy and the playroom.  Books that even the tiniest baby will enjoy alone and with their parents.

Titles in this section will be refreshed each month with a range of new and older titles that we feel should not to be missed by any baby or toddler.

Click here to read some helpful tips from top childrens' publisher Egmont.

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