Phonic Books truly decodable readers are expertly designed to build solid reading foundations for beginner and catch-up readers.

There are three series of Dandelion decodable books which are perfect for beginner readers covering the sounds of the alphabet and double consonants. Each set has an accompanying book of photocopiable activities for you to consolidate and practise the phonics skills learned.

Dandelion Launchers: The Dandelion launchers series covers the sounds of the alphabet, adjacent consonants and consonant digraphs and simple two-syllable words and suffixes. Each stages introduces new letters/sounds while supporting previously taught phonic letters/sounds and high-frequency words. A game is included at the back of each book, offering a fun way to practice the new phonic skills and knowledge introduced at each stage.

Dandelion World: Dandelion World is a new non-fiction decodable series covering a range of high-interest topics from sloths to space. The books follow the same scope and sequence as the Dandelion Launchers series and can be used in parallel. Each book also has a knowledge builder at the back to build vocabulary and background knowledge.

Dandelion Readers: Dandelion Readers is a series of books for beginner readers that introduces different spellings for vowel sounds. More text is included on each page than the Dandelion World and Dandelion Launchers series to build reading stamina. A helpful Reading Practice section allows further practice of each new spelling taught.

An overview of the series from LoveReading4Schools Expert Reviewer, Rosie Watch

A set of graded phonic reading books, each book focusing on a particular sound or phonic blend. They link to the much-used sound-write reading and spelling programme. Each book is part of a level, with various units within it. The sounds are clearly indicated on the back of the books, making it quick and easy for a teacher to match the book to the phonic programme being used, or the relevant blend being taught at that time. Dandelion books have been popular and well used in classrooms for nearly 20 years and Dandelion World is the new non-fiction offering for teachers.

The stories are written by Tamar Reis Frankfort, Clair Baker and Wendy Tweedie and illustrated by Drew Wilson.

In addition to focusing on a particular blend or sound, each simple book contains questions for discussion or a game page, featuring such things as matching words, sorting cards and grouping sounds. 

A reliable resource in the classroom, these books have remained popular with teachers as they are a solid support to reading programmes and are both clear and ordered. The print is clear and the illustrations bright and appealing.

You can find a selection of books from this series below, with extracts from the books to download and a further review.

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