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The Clue is in the Poo Reader Reviews

The Clue is in the Poo

Florence Bridgeman

This book was very fascinating but very gruesome. It is all about poo and how you can tell one poo from another one. I am glad it is not scratch and sniff!

There is lots of poo in this book! It shows you how to be an adventurer and if you come across a poo who it might be from. I live in Wales and see lots of sheep poo but am not probably going to see an elephant poo. It has good advice on tracking animals and birds without disturbing them or their homes which is super important! The tracks of the animal feet also give us clues on how they walk and I liked learning all the new words for animal groups and homes. I love the book but I will never be a big fan of poo.


An amazing book about animals and how to be an animal detective.

This is a brilliant book. It tells you all about tracking and how to be an animal detective. It has everything in from poo to feathers to footprints to skulls. I liked the illustrations, they are really funny. Some of it is a bit gross, but at the same time interesting. I didn't like the polecat's frog leftovers. There are some easy quizzes to do in the book which I liked. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in animals. I have learnt lots from this book.

Olivia Townsend

What 7-year-old child wouldn't be attracted to a book all about poo?

Olivia has been reading sections from this non-fiction book at bed time. She was instantly curious as it's all about poo (and more too).

We weren't exactly sure what to expect with this book but it has actually been a really fascinating read. There is information about how to identify animals and the foods they eat from their waste. It has made us more observant when walking through the park and on the school run! Perfect for science enthusiasts and nature lovers. We liked looking at all the fun vocabulary choices and puns in the book. It's written in a fun and engaging way.

The book has short sections and fun facts and quizzes to 'test' your understanding. It is not all about poo though. There is information about how to spot and identify animals by their footprints and track amongst other things too.

The illustrations are really beautiful and sections easy to read and great for my daughter to read too.

Olivia: "I am amazed that there are so many different words for poo! I've learned: poo, dung, faeces, doo-doo, number 2, droppings. I also know that sparrows leave poo marks up under their nests and like looking out for animal tracks when I go out"

Lily O'Dwyer

This book is non-fiction but it is very funny, it is a little long but you can get through it in no time as you will be laughing every five seconds. I really liked it, I highly recommend.

This book is one of my favourites and I have a LOT of books. I was reading it to my dogs and it's almost like they were laughing too. Although this is non-fiction, this is one of the funniest books I've come across. Whilst it teaches you about nature, you also learn a lot of words for the word poop. For example, it calls cow dung pancakes!

The illustrations are hilarious, like when you open to the contents page you see a fox minding his own business whilst doing his business. It may be long, but the time flies by because of it's entertaining facts.

As well as talking about animal faeces it also trains you by teaching you about animal tracks and the stuff that you would need when you are tracking the animals.
I found this book spectacular and would definitely give it five stars. If I like it, then you'll like it, believe me.

I would highly recommend it.

Annabelle Cassidy

This is a brilliant book, about animals and how they live. It made going on a walk much more fun as I was able to try to be a detective and work out what animals were about.

This is a brilliant book. I really liked it. It was really funny and I loved learning about how to find different types of animals outdoors, and how to be a nature detective and find lots of different things. It tells you all about different types of poo, but it also tells you about different places that animals live and the type of things that they eat and do. I have been out looking for animal footprints and trying to identify bird feathers when out on a walk. The book has lots of interesting facts about animals, all the way from blue whales to dinosaurs.

I loved looking at the pictures which were bright and colourful. It is a very well laid out book, and easy to read and to find out what you are looking for.

I think this book would be great for boys and girls aged 8 and over who love all things outdoors and about animals.

Iulia Motoc

The Clue is in The Poo is very humorous and is about wildlife tracking and has tons of different and interesting things you can learn about.

The Clue is in The Poo is a great book for all ages. This book is very humorous and is about wildlife tracking and has tons of different and interesting things you can learn about, such as facts about faeces, dangerous things to track and many, many more. They also include mini quizzes which you can do after each category. One of my favourite pages is footprint fun because you can learn about all of the footprints which different animals make, but you will have to read the book to find out what your favourite pages might be.

Raspberry Yow-Fairs

I thought the book was interesting because it covered other topics too, like eggs and footprints.

I thought the book was interesting because it covered other topics too, like eggs and footprints. I learnt that Canadian Geese poop every 20 minutes and that Rhino poop can be 90 centimetres long. I also learnt that Cormorants have acidic poop. This is because Cormorants only eat fish. I would recommend this book to ages 4 and up.

Elissa Watkin

The Clue is in The Poo is a great book which is lovely in hardback. The book gives facts and information about animals in a fun way and our 6 year old loved it. A perfect present for young explorers.

The Clue is in The Poo is a funny book that I really enjoyed reading.

I like exploring and this book explains all about different animals and how they live and its funny because it talks about their poo! The book gave me ideas on what I need to be an animal explorer and how to look out for different clues and tracks from all the different animals.

I would recommend this book to girls and boys who like adventures and reading funny tales about poo.

Angelito Francisco

This is a really interesting book that would be ok for lots of different age groups. It has lovely pictures and has quizzes that you can do too. I like that it covers other topics and not just pooh, but the Pooh bit is interesting. There is lots of things to learn and you don’t want to stop reading. I think both boys and girls would enjoy it and it would make a lovely gift.

I loved this book. I found it really interesting and it had lots of different topics to look through. The pictures were good too.

I really enjoyed doing the quizzes in the book and liked that I could check my answers.

Some of the information I already knew but there was lots of new interesting things to learn.

I think the book is good for girls and boys and for lots of different age groups.

I think the book would make a really nice gift. It has lovely pictures and is full of useful information.

Gene Macaulay

The Clue is in the Poo is a fascinating read. 9/10 stars from me.

The Clue is in the Poo is a fascinating read. All about, you guessed it POO.

It doesn't just have poo in it, it has information about what animals eat, where they live, and what they hunt just for starters. The book explores foot prints too. It's a fabulous animal guide. I feel very interested in this book. I couldn't put it down, and I will read it all the time.

When I take my dog Buddy on walks I'm going to find it more fun now I have more information inside my brain to look for things disgusting on the ground.

I loved the hardback book and the illustrations are drawn realistically.

9/10 stars from me.

Abbie Collings

A fascinating and funny guide for any budding nature detective. Find out how to track and identify animals from the clues they leave behind.

I found this book very interesting to look at. It is all about animals and their poo. I found out that some poo are big and some poos are small and you can use them like a detective to find out about different animals. There are quizzes every few pages. All the pages have lots and lots to read and look at. I liked the way it was all laid out with lists and facts and the pictures helped you to understand what it was about. My favourite page was the list of things to take with you when you are tracking wildlife.

This is a great non-fiction book for a budding nature detective. The pages are crammed with information and beautifully drawn illustrations to inspire an outdoor adventure. It would make a great gift to encourage adventure and outdoor play. It is so much more than just a book about poo!

Sam and Jack Radford

What a funny and informative book! Lots of giggles but also lots of facts.

A great fact book that entertains as you read. We definitely all learned something new - who knew there was so much to know about poo?!

The sections are clear, and illustrations informative. Could be used as an educational tool, to inspire nature detective rambles or just as an excuse for little ones to talk about poo, which always seems to raise a giggle!


Book Information

ISBN: 9781784935733
Publication date: 27th September 2018
Author: Andy Seed
Publisher: QED Publishing
Format: Hardback
Suitable for: 7+ readers, 9+ readers
Genres: Out and About