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Two Sides Reader Reviews

Two Sides

Sarah Simmons

I love this book 100/100!

The two girls not being friends was really interesting. I love the story! 100/100! I love the detailed pictures. I like Lula and Lenka the same. I am more like Lula, she has my talking, I'm messy and never tidy my room, or make my bed (giggles). She is the same as me, I love her! Thank you for my book love Sarah 5

Sarah devoured this book minutes after it came through the door this morning. Beautiful cover and wonderful presentation! A firm favourite.

Lily O’Dwyer

This book proves that friendship can be hard sometimes but it will work out in the end.

This book has lovely illustrations and is a good book for children the age of around 7-12. I really enjoyed this story. It’s an easy book to read and simple to understand. The story has two different font types to tell you who is speaking. It helped to understand the story more and I think it was a good idea. With the illustrations it wasn’t just detailed about the characters, it also had lovely backgrounds. This story was very interesting and I would definitely read it again.
I like the story because it’s a reminder that if you fall out with a friend it isn’t the end of the world and it will work out okay.
I liked the names of the characters. They were Lula and Lenka. This book is 100% going on my bookshelf. I would highly recommend that you read it.

Charlotte Walker

A beautiful story about the ups and downs of friendship.

This is a great book for primary school aged children. Gorgeously made in hardback with sturdy, bright and colourful pages that younger readers can hold and be involved in the reading process as well as a book that can be returned to again and again.

Fallouts happen, even between the best of friends and this book delicately handles the scenario from both Lenka and Lulu's point of views. This book is a great story about friendship while being softly educational about relationships. I like how realistic the relationship between Lulu and Lenka was - the fallout over something small and the focus on how they both feel after it - going to school separately, meeting new people and spending playtimes apart. It's a situation most (if not all) children could find themselves in and I thought it was really well handled. 

Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations to enjoy alongside the text and makes the book quite accessible to the 5+ age bracket. 

Lucas Blake

This short colourful story about friendship is good. Lula and Lenka are sad that they have fallen out (about a pencil case!) and don’t know how to fix things - but spoiler alert, they do in the end!

This story starts with an ordinary beginning but then there is a big argument over a pencil case. If you’ve been to school you know how easy it is to fall out with friends when you don’t mean to. Lula and Lenka are sad and don’t know how to fix things but they do in the end! I really like the colourful illustrations on every page and I also like how each character’s voice is in different coloured letters. I would have liked to have seen at least one boy in this story. The teacher is a lady and the Dad mentioned isn’t shown, so it makes me think girls would like this book more but it is a good book about friendship. You can also read it really quickly as it is a short story, with BIG writing and only a few sentences on each page!

Aidan Jones

A good story about two girls arguing. It tells you what they are both thinking and has really interesting pictures.

Two Sides is about two girls, Lula and Lenka. Lula likes dogs and Lenka likes cats. They like things that are opposites and they are still best friends. But one day they have a silly argument about a present. They stop talking to each other and stop being best friends.

This book was a bit sad when they weren't friends. It wasn't nice when they were sat next to each other on the swings and still wouldn't talk. Lula was the funniest, Lenka was mean because she started the argument. I really liked the pictures because there was lots to look at and they were fun and interesting. It was good to know how Lula and Lanka were both feeling.

I really enjoyed this book and I liked that it showed how silly it is to argue with your friends because I like to be friends with everyone and not argue.

Sarah Jones (Mum) - A lovely story with two viewpoints on the same argument. This is an interesting read for 5-8 year olds and a great way to start a discussion with your child about friendships and fall outs.

Olivia Townsend

The story tackles relationship issues in an age appropriate way. My super sensitive daughter really empathised with the characters and was relieved when the story resolved at the end. It is a great prompt for discussion around the subject of 'differences' and accepting that there are always 'two sides'.

Lula and Lenka are the characters in the book. Something happens in the story and they 'break up' and are sad.
Two other little girls also have an argument in the book and this is what helps Lula and Lenka in the end.
I really like the bit when they learn to stick 'together'.

At first I wanted to know what the present was as it doesn't tell you. When I read it again, I noticed that the pictures tell you.

I really love everything about this book. I love the pictures.

This book looks grown up but has really easy to read pages. The book is interesting as it is written in first person from both of the characters. This is differentiated by black or grey font. I wondered if this would confuse my daughter when reading to her but she understood clearly and even more so when I pointed it out to her so she could read it aloud herself.

The pictures are stunning and tell the story in more detail. As Olivia said, she wanted to know what the present in the story was as it wasn't revealed in the text. The illustrations did reveal it though and it was a delight for my daughter to discover this.

Olivia was able to read the book with amazing expression and this was probably, in-part, due to the formatting and style of the text.

My daughter hasn't put this book down!

Abbie Collings

Lula and Lenka are best friends and total opposites. This is the story of them falling out and then how they manage to become friends again. The book has beautiful coloured pictures all the way through and it is cleverly told from both sides of the situation in the voice of both girls at once.

Lula and Lenka are best friends and total opposites. This is the story of them falling out and then how they manage to become friends again. The book has beautiful coloured pictures all the way through and it is cleverly told from both sides of the situation in the voice of both girls at once. If we weren't sure who was talking we could tell from the page because the writing is different for Lula and Lenka. We thought the story was really sad in the middle when the girls weren't speaking to each other but we were really glad when they become friends again.

This is a lovely story that gently tells of a common difficulty of falling out with friends that lots of children will come across. It perfectly shows ways to overcome differences and demonstrates how important it is to try and see things from other people's point of view. We really enjoyed reading it together and talking about what the girls could do to overcome the falling out between them and how it made them feel. A beautifully illustrated book that appears simple but tackles the complex issue of friendship with great depth. (Abbie's mum)

Amatullah Khatun

The colour illustrations made me whizz through the book all the time thinking will Lula and Lenka make up friends?

This book is about two girls named Lulu and Lenka. There are as different as chalk and cheese but somehow the bestest friends that is until they break up. Amatullah loved how the characters liked totally different things but still managed to get along and the pictures showed everything in detail.

The friends fall out over something as trivial as a pencil case but it comes between them like a mountain. Lulu manages to move on and make new friends but things aren't so easy for poor Lenka. A beautifully illustrated story about the beauty of friendship. The colour illustrations by Binny Talib are so enticing.

Sam and Jack Radford

A lovely story with two great characters and a positive message!

We really enjoyed this book that looks at two sides of a friendship.

The illustrations are lovely and help to show the two girls’ personalities well.

There is a great moral to the book and it certainly shows how opposites can attract in friendships! (Mum)

I liked the girls and the pictures. It was good that the writing changed and both of them got to tell their story. There was a good ending between them. I felt like there was a bit missing, and I would have liked a bit more to happen in the story. (Sam)

I liked the girls in the pictures and I liked the whole book. It was a good story. (Jack)


Book Information

ISBN: 9781788950626
Publication date: 7th February 2019
Author: Polly Ho-Yen
Publisher: Stripes Publishing an imprint of Little Tiger Press Group
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 96 pages
Suitable for: 5+ readers, 7+ readers
Other Categories: Books of the Month, Early Readers, Julia Eccleshare's Picks, Reviewed by Children